Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Crew Searches For Bigfoot Today In Rhode Island

The "fab four"
After all the beer is drank, after all the witnesses tell their tales, after the Finding Bigfoot crew goes out at night and howls their lungs out in the dark woods of western Rhode Island, will they find anything? I, for one, would like to see something other then elk bugles represented as Bigfoot howls and tree knocking dubbed into the final cut.  Don't get me wrong, I believe in Bigfoot. I look for Bigfoot. However, I can't help but think they are under pressure to produce results. This is based on my experience in the field and  need to produce daily videos for YouTube.

Finding Bigfoot is under the time constraints of a television production schedule, and fudging things would be natural. That is fine for the general public. It is not fine for dedicated researchers. We expect more. Our demographic is one that Matt Moneymaker must be aware of.

The show seems to stick to a type of formula they use in all of their episodes. It is starting to get old. They need to come up with new ways to present evidence. In my YouTube videos I am constantly brainstorming for new ways to present my evidence. Perhaps this is something Keith Hoffman should consider.

I have an idea. They worked with Todd Standing. Why not Tom Biscardi and me? We have something going down in Florida in the next couple of months. They would be well severed in coming down here. Keith, You Ratings would be off the chart!

"-- Bigfoot could be on the loose somewhere in the woods of western Rhode Island. And an investigative team and camera crew are tracking him down.
"Finding Bigfoot," a TV series on Animal Planet, is in West Greenwich on Thursday, looking for the so-called Sasquatch, hoping to capture the creature on film, or at least capture the comments of people who've reported sightings. And there are many, said Keith Hoffman, executive producer of the show.
The program organized a meeting Wednesday night, inviting West Greenwich residents who have had Bigfoot sightings to attend. "There was quite a big turnout," Hoffman said.
The TV series, which debuted this year with six episodes, is filming its second season, 10 episodes for 2012, Hoffman said. Each episode features a different state.
Already the show has visited Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.
You wonder what's going on. If there's only one Bigfoot, why so many states?
"That is a misconception," Hoffman said. "There are many Bigfoots. The one in Rhode Island they call Big Rhody."
I really hope this, and other episodes don't follow the cheesy formula of eye-witness accounts, and re-creations that don't prove anything. I wish they would stop adding audio and be honest about it. Did Cliff really hear the three tree knocks  or did they just pay him to say that? Is this show a hoax? Is is real? I think I know the answer.



  2. I go hiking in RI all the time and I've never seen a Bigfoot. I would love to see one, for sure. I have seen a pygmy wooly rhinoceros on two or three occasions, though. One stood about 6 1/2 feet tall at the shoulder and was about twelve feet long. It had charcoal gray long hair. Awesome stuff!

  3. i was up at pinecrest california at my cabin i saw big pinecones start being hurtled from the trees i then heard a howle and a big crack

  4. While fishing along the Blackstone River many many years ago I saw something that moved through the trees very quickly. It was dark in color and appeared to be 8 to 10 feet up or so. I hesitate to say "tall" as I never saw any feet or legs. It was too fast and the brush was thick as it moved over a small hill and turned a corner. I remember thinking it was a rounded head and shoulders of something. I was so scared at the time I didn't make a move. This was way before there was the bike path. I thought later that I couldn't figure out what covered it. It was flat black. I told myself it had to be a bird but as time went by I recalled how it moved up as it went over the hill. Just like a person climbing stairs. The whole thing moved at once. There was no flapping of any wings.

  5. my friends were in the woods hunting squrils and birds ( we are young ) with bb guns and they saw a bigfoot and it was throwing rocks a them. they bot shot at it with a 1 pump and a 10 pump bb gun and it did no damage.they ran out of there and into the house ( they own a lot of land ) they swore to me that this is true

  6. i went to my backyard last week to get wood for the stove and i saw bigfoot... We had coffee together.

  7. Can anybody tell me why these people cant understand what they are doing isnt working? OK they have been doing this for years yet not of them seem to have any clue how to hunt? they go out making not only loud stupid noises but they talk ing normal voices the whole time? Ok when is the last time you tried to make as much noise as possible while hunting for a deer or any other animal? then they just wear normal cloths! no Cameo! No scent put on them selfs. They dont stay put at all they just wonder back and forth aimlessly. They always only go out like 1 night 2 tops. Sorry its not as simple as oh i wanna catch a bigfoot bam there he is. I have been out almost and not caught anything. My best advice is go take a hunting class put together a legit plan and actually try a tatic that is proven not oh im gonna hit a tree and yell out in the night. It seems like its just people who were bored of smoking dope and trying to find a job lets get some Hunters out there please


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