Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Finding Bigfoot Crew Are Filming In Sylvanic With Todd Standing

Todd Standing Is working with Matt and the gang
The Finding Bigfoot Crew has been in the mythical Sylvanic area near Calgary Canada where a colony of Bigfoots live that don't mind posing for cameras. Todd Standing has several controversial images and videos that just may show the Bigfoot. Finding Bigfoot is doing a complete investigation of possible sighting locations,and they were up in Canada to check out the Sylvanic area.

The crew spent many days out there, and guess what? They did not find anything except some possible wood knocks, a late night howl, a possible footprint. Damn, no Bigfoot. I thought the show was about finding Bigfoot. Does not that guy from England, who looks like the next Star Trek villain, catch monster, crypto fish every time he goes out?

I know the Fab Four will cry all the way to the bank about not finding Bigfoot (I would cry for cash). The Sylvanic episode should be on next Spring. Can't wait. What can me expect from this episode? Let me give it a try.
  1. The opening sequence will be an aerial view of the spectacular mountain ranges that surround Calgary. It will be breathtaking.
  2. Matt Moneymaker will give a narration about how they are in the Banif and Kootenay national parks where a Bigfoot colony is supposed to be living
  3. They will introduce Todd Standing and he will give a talk about how he used to be a skeptic and then his crew found Sylvanic where the Bigfoot lives. 
  4. The crew will go out into the Sylvanic area, and when they get there, they will use Bobo to do a reenactment.
  5.  Later that night, they be out with thermals, and one of the crew members will think they saw something, and the gang will close in...they find nothing.
  6. They will examine the video the next day and Ms. Holland will say she sees nothing there that could not have been done by a human (she claims this in every reenactment). 
  7. They will then meet with some local Bigfoot guys and gals and go out to where they had sightings.
  8. A reenactment will be shown, then Bobo does the stand in thing again.
  9. They will then rap it up at some lodge and show the crew leaving in an SUV onto their next attempt to find Bigfoot
  10. Apply above formula to any of their episodes.

Platt: Bigfoot boom in Banff? | Columnists | Opinion | Calgary Sun: "This week, crews from “Finding Bigfoot,” a hit show on Discovery’s Animal Planet channel, are filming in the Calgary area, and Standing says the upcoming episode will be centred upon Sylvanic’s discoveries.

“We’ve had exceptional results and we’re working with people doing DNA analysis,” said Standing.

He says preliminary results from hair samples sent in for testing suggest an unknown species of primate, while video and photographs suggest a creature larger than a gorilla, with human-like features."

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  1. LOL...You are so RIGHT with those 10's the same thing in EVERY show. I used to watch it,mostly because I like to hear of the encounters that real people have had. Or if they have any new pictures or videos to show that real people have of their encounters.But other than that, on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 3.


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