Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BFRO Now Says They Did Not Work With Todd Standing...What?

The blog Ghost Theory is reporting that the BFRO is stating on their website that they did not work with Todd Standing in the field and they only interviewed him on camera, and did not buy what he was selling. I find this stance to be a bit odd. Are they going to set us up for another 'editing by the producers' type of thing.

Reputable newspapers in Canada reported that Standing and Matt Moneymaker were in field for days. I did not make this up, I got it off of the newspaper websites. That would have been the only reason BFRO would have gone into that part of Canada. It is ALL ABOUT SYLVANIC~

There is no way they would have cut him lose on the fly and then had no guide to go into a Sasquatch rich Sylvanic area. They would not even known were it was at. There is no way I am wrong on this.

I do not believe that Finding Bigfoot got ethical all of a sudden. Not a chance. They had Todd in hand and they needed him to get into Sylvanic.

Other then the fisherman in Georgia, who thought Bigfoots nose was brown, and Moneymaker said they are black, this group has never challenged anyone. Even with the fake Mike Green thermal, they never challenged it. Rene Holland did by saying there was nothing there that a human could not have done.

Understand this - without going into Sylvanic they have nothing to challenge him on. Even under intense questions, he only has to say "Come with me into Sylvanic and all  your Bigfoot dreams will come true." Are you saying Moneymaker would balk at this? Not a Chance in Hell.

This is a comment I left on the Ghost Theory blog:

I was responding to a Calgary Newspaper website that stated the FB crew was working with him in the field for several days. I did not know they only interviewed him on camera for a few minutes. That is not what the article said. I have NO INSIDE information. It all sounded consistent with the 'over the top' we saw on the FB show in season one. The stupid photo was on your site were I found it. We both agreed it was suspect at best. What we have at this point is not known. I really don't think MM will miss a chance to go into 'sylvanic." No chance. I think they need that for their show. Now is not the time for them to get ethical. The ratings would suffer. It is show business and they need each other to survive. Where am I wrong on this?

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