Friday, September 30, 2011

Tim Stover filming with Finding Bigfoot Today

tcsjrbigfoot is shooting right now with the Finding Bigfoot crew. They are doing a re-creation of Tim's 1992 sighting in Salt Fork Ohio. Tim could not say enough good about the production assistant Natalie. She has been in constant contact with Tim, and even went out and got a tree stand. They are in the exact location of the sighting. We are all very happy for Tim. This guy has really put in the hard work.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Harley Hoffman Bigfoot Film Shows Detail Of A Possible Sasquatch

Note spine and deltoid detail
The Harley Hoffman Bigfoot film shows detail uncommon in most fake Bigfoot hoax films. It was shot in  British Columbia in 2001 under unknown circumstances. That seems to be the biggest problem with this film.

Hoffman has not spoken publicly since he shot the film and we know little about him. He and his brother seem to be more eccentric then Todd Standing. For example, Haley's brother once had a website trying to prove the existence of Santa Claus! This is all strange, except this film.

The quality and resolution is outstanding, and not your garden variety blobsquatch. Features of hair length and color are visible on this video. Why would cheap hoaxers be concerned with such detail similar to the Patterson film

This film  has detail and it is very similar to the Patterson Gimlim Film. The major detail of the film that has always convinced me of it possibly being real is the width of the back with deltoids and triceps definition and a clear spine seen on the back. I will let the images and video demonstrate this.

This is not a cheap monkey suit. If all they wanted was a few seconds of video to hoax, there is way too much going on here for their basic needs.

The only drawback here is the strange behaviour of the people involved. Film seems to be edited and I would like to know where it was shot and see the entire video unedited.
Note detail compared with Harley Hoffman Film

The Harley Hoffman film is on YouTube. You can watch it here and decide for yourself. Other then this, I really don't know much about Harley Hoffman or anything else. More research will be needed. 

Loren Coleman tried to get details out of Hoffman, but was unable to. The video was first posted in 2006 on YouTube as "BIGFOOT Video WTF Insane!!!”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finding Bigfoot town hall meeting in Ohio open to the public

A town hall meeting will be held at Deerassic Park and White Tail Hall of Fame next to Salt Fork state park in Ohio Wednesday at 7:00 PM. The event is open to the public. Location is 14250 Cadiz Pl US 22. Be an hour early to get a seat. There will also be a grid search on Saturday at 2 PM which ia open to the public according to the Daily Jefferson newspaper. When you enter the park, follow the Bigfoot signs. My friend Tim Stover will be at both events.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tim Stover (tcsjrbigfoot) will be on "Finding Bigfoot" in the Ohio episode

My friend Tim Stover will be on an upcoming episode of Finding Bigfoot that will take place at Saltfork State Park in Ohio. This park is in what they call the Sasquatch Triangle known for many Bigfoot sightings. They also call him the "Ohio Grassman." This version of the Bigfoot seems to be more aggressive then the North West version. He was contacted by a production staff member who told them they will be in Ohio for three weeks and want to recreate Tim's 1992 Bigfoot sighting. More details tomorrow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mckenzie River Bigfoot Is A Guy In A Wetsuit

Left arm, right arm, head exposed
and holding a towel in the right hand
Last July Animal Planet aired an episode of Finding Bigfoot shot in Oregon. The crew was on the Mckenzie River were a group of fly fisherman shot a video on a rafting expedition that seems to show a Bigfoot standing on the rocks overlooking a class 3 river rapids known as "the fish field." The video eventually showed up on YouTube (18 months later).

The Finding Bigfoot crew, led by Matt Moneymaker, wanted to get to the bottom of this sighting and they went out on a raft boat and video taped Bobo standing on the same rocks. Ranae Holland compared their video with the original claiming it could have been a human standing on the rocks. The image was no bigger then Bobo, who is 6' 5" tall and Sasquatch is believed to be mush larger. Matt Moneymaker believed that because the figure was all black, it had to be a big hairy beast.

I saw something on the TV that nobody mentioned on this team. It looked to me that the object was removing a shirt or towel. If so, then this was a human. I magnified this low-res image off the YouTube video, and enhanced the best I could. It does seem to show a man with a wet suit on with a towel in his right hand.

Florida Bigfoot On Twitter

You can now follow me on Twitter. My user name is "FloridaBigfoot." I always post live from the field, and blog live. Let's tweet!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding Bigfoot Crew Searches For Bigfoot Today In Rhode Island

The "fab four"
After all the beer is drank, after all the witnesses tell their tales, after the Finding Bigfoot crew goes out at night and howls their lungs out in the dark woods of western Rhode Island, will they find anything? I, for one, would like to see something other then elk bugles represented as Bigfoot howls and tree knocking dubbed into the final cut.  Don't get me wrong, I believe in Bigfoot. I look for Bigfoot. However, I can't help but think they are under pressure to produce results. This is based on my experience in the field and  need to produce daily videos for YouTube.

Finding Bigfoot is under the time constraints of a television production schedule, and fudging things would be natural. That is fine for the general public. It is not fine for dedicated researchers. We expect more. Our demographic is one that Matt Moneymaker must be aware of.

The show seems to stick to a type of formula they use in all of their episodes. It is starting to get old. They need to come up with new ways to present evidence. In my YouTube videos I am constantly brainstorming for new ways to present my evidence. Perhaps this is something Keith Hoffman should consider.

I have an idea. They worked with Todd Standing. Why not Tom Biscardi and me? We have something going down in Florida in the next couple of months. They would be well severed in coming down here. Keith, You Ratings would be off the chart!

"-- Bigfoot could be on the loose somewhere in the woods of western Rhode Island. And an investigative team and camera crew are tracking him down.
"Finding Bigfoot," a TV series on Animal Planet, is in West Greenwich on Thursday, looking for the so-called Sasquatch, hoping to capture the creature on film, or at least capture the comments of people who've reported sightings. And there are many, said Keith Hoffman, executive producer of the show.
The program organized a meeting Wednesday night, inviting West Greenwich residents who have had Bigfoot sightings to attend. "There was quite a big turnout," Hoffman said.
The TV series, which debuted this year with six episodes, is filming its second season, 10 episodes for 2012, Hoffman said. Each episode features a different state.
Already the show has visited Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.
You wonder what's going on. If there's only one Bigfoot, why so many states?
"That is a misconception," Hoffman said. "There are many Bigfoots. The one in Rhode Island they call Big Rhody."
I really hope this, and other episodes don't follow the cheesy formula of eye-witness accounts, and re-creations that don't prove anything. I wish they would stop adding audio and be honest about it. Did Cliff really hear the three tree knocks  or did they just pay him to say that? Is this show a hoax? Is is real? I think I know the answer.

A sand pine forest in search of a research area

Not much shade out here
Florida has a diverse ecology. It is not unusual to be on a trail in a swamp, then go through a wooded area, and then enter a sand pine forest with visibility to   the horizon. I was in a sand pine forest over the weekend but I may have picked the wrong time of year. There is no shade in these areas and the sun was beating down.

There is a primitive camp area deed into this track for backpackers to spend the night. Because of the heat, I never made it to that area. It is controlled by SWIFMUD, so I may be able to get gate access to it. That would work out great. I could then use the camp as a base for night operations. With the visibility in the area, the night could yield results.

I believe in using a base camp to branch out from at night when looking for Bigfoot or the skunk ape. Some people want to hang out at camp and let the creature come to you. That works as well. I have gotten results doing just that. However, when you are with a group, it is better to get to work in all directions.

I hope to have some kind of thermal by the spring of the year. So much the better. It will take time but I will eventually have all the gear one day.
Raid during summer forms 'lakes'

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does Bigfoot Tear Trees Out Of The Ground And Howl?

The Watershed areas of Florida have been where I have recorded some of my best howls at night. It is always when you can hear mechanical sounds in the background that something is out and aobut. The reason may be because these pumps are in the swamp areas where they live. The ecosystem is right for a large primate.

This video has an audio taken a couple years ago where you can hear the pumps, the tree tearing from the ground, the howls of multiple animals. Just be aware of how easy our senses (especially hearing) can be fooled.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Along An Old Horse Trail - Its Hot Man

Horse Trail In Rural Central Florida
Horse trails are great. These animals can cover a lot of distance fast and hat is why horse trails are long, and go deep into wilderness territory. Bigfoot researchers will do well by following these trails. If you like walking, and can cover considerable distance, and have all day, this is the place for you. Just bring plenty of water and poweraide. There is often a real lack of shade on these trails. So be prepared.

I was on a horse trail south of an rural state road in Pasco county this weekend. It was very hot. It is late September in Florida but it may not cool of until next month. I don't want to wait for cooler weather. I am tired of putting my research on hold, so I was out there Saturday. I got a little sunburned, but found some interesting things. The habitat looks right for a large mammal to survive. The autumn weather will be better for visibility and overall activity.

You can see that this road stretches too the horizon. You can get a good workout indeed. That is one of the reasons I got into this anyway. I can really use the exercise. Bring your cell phone and leave a note on your cars dash so people will know you are out there in case something happens.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Skunk Ape Prints Going Into Alligator Infested River

They said on the show Finding Bigfoot that the Florida Skunk Ape lived in alligator dens. This may be video evidence of that claim. These prints are smaller then mine, and seem to have claw like toes, and go into a river full of gators. You can hear a gator grunt at the :34 mark. This is no joke.

You do not want to go into this river. You will not come out! Something seemed to be very comfortable with this environment. It is nasty and hot down there. Bugs will eat you alive. This is typical for this time of year on these jungle rivers.

This area was behind my primitive campsite along this river. Yes, it was hot. I was not digging it; I was just doing it. I was doing what was needed for this type of research.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Have 801 Subscribers On YouTube

I am now in the top 2% of all Youtube channels. Most people who have sites on youtube get very little activity. That is what I think is at the heart of all the hate mail I have received over the last two years. Too bad guys. It seems they really like the quality stuff I put out and the quest for skunk ape is really interesting. The success of the project is motivating me to continue on until a discovery is made. I have been marshaling resources and forming a team of experts to help me in my quest for the Florida Sasquatch.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Skunk Ape Migratory Area Explored

After meeting with Scott Marlowe I was very excited about my future Bigfoot research in Florida. He knows, as I do, that the Pacific Northwest Sasquatch has shown up in Florida. He and I know the location. Sorry, I can't share that. There is a reason for that. We don't want people showing up. Think about it, It is all about climate, migration, and animal population movements. I was blown away by what I learned today. The video below is me in an area that will be exploding with activity at a certain point in the year. I will let you know when I go back in for real to film the sighting. Today, it was nothing but bugs!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Florida Swamps Are Now Full Of Water And Wildlife

I was out today for the first time in a month. The swamps are full of water and the rivers have crested along some points. I did not see Bigfoot but I got some cool wildlife images. I would like to share them with my viewers.
A rivervine swamp in  Central Florida
One of the things Bigfoot researchers look for is an abundance of water and wildlife. This area had it all. I cold not get too far into it because of how high the water was and the thickness of the vegetation. That is all going to change in the next few months as we enter "skunk ape" season in Florida.
A Barred Owl
A River Turtle On A Log
A Snowy Egret

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tim Powell Is the Troll "Cryptoflorida" Of Facebook

T. G. Powell is "Cryptoflorida Cryptoflorida of Facebook fame. He claims to be a life long cryptozoologist who always maintained an interest in the supernatural. Born in the heartland of Illinois, he got an early start watching the late night monster movies on television every weekend. 

He began his journey as an author writing many articles for outdoor type magazines (he claims). He says he is an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoors-man, he always stuck to the thought, "A day in the woods is better than a week indoors." 

Now residing on Florida's Gold Coast, he says look for the many other spine chilling works dealing with the super natural and cryptozoology he will be producing in the months to come (He has not written a thing in two years. He has been too busy going after Tim Fasano).

This man is a fraud and should be considered dangerous. He is the "unibomber" of Bigfoot. He lives in St. Petersburg Florida and post on Facebook under the name of "Cryptoflorida - Cryptoflorida." He does no field research, and does not hunt. He is a frustrated individual and finds it necessary to actively go after people he thinks are a threat. I hear he has two freezers in his home, and one of them is full. Until now, his identity has been unknown. Did he think I would not use my considerable resources to find him out? 

His biggest mistake was a comment he left on the Orlando Sentinel website a couple years ago. An IP address emerged that matched the one on my Typepad blog that he left as "Ben Dover." Sorry Ben, the jig is up. 

He claims to be a writer. All I can find is that he is a self published author who uses a vanity press to print his stupid books that read like a mongoloid retard wrote them. Check out his link here. If you are familiar with the Frankenstein myth, you will see how lame his title is to the only book he self-published.

He has been cyber-stalking me for the last two years on the Internet and he recently found out that I had an arrest in 2003 for a misdemeanor that was dropped for lack of evidence. He is now informing everyone he can about it. He is disrespecting the name of Julianne and I will not stand for that. 

You have been made asshole. I will track you down, and take you into court. You are a pathetic piece of shit. Start running now you cocksucker. You once said I had an ugly face and I was fat. You are a fat, bald, short, thin mustached total flop with women. Now that I see how horrible you look, I know why you chose the horror field. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BFRO Now Says They Did Not Work With Todd Standing...What?

The blog Ghost Theory is reporting that the BFRO is stating on their website that they did not work with Todd Standing in the field and they only interviewed him on camera, and did not buy what he was selling. I find this stance to be a bit odd. Are they going to set us up for another 'editing by the producers' type of thing.

Reputable newspapers in Canada reported that Standing and Matt Moneymaker were in field for days. I did not make this up, I got it off of the newspaper websites. That would have been the only reason BFRO would have gone into that part of Canada. It is ALL ABOUT SYLVANIC~

There is no way they would have cut him lose on the fly and then had no guide to go into a Sasquatch rich Sylvanic area. They would not even known were it was at. There is no way I am wrong on this.

I do not believe that Finding Bigfoot got ethical all of a sudden. Not a chance. They had Todd in hand and they needed him to get into Sylvanic.

Other then the fisherman in Georgia, who thought Bigfoots nose was brown, and Moneymaker said they are black, this group has never challenged anyone. Even with the fake Mike Green thermal, they never challenged it. Rene Holland did by saying there was nothing there that a human could not have done.

Understand this - without going into Sylvanic they have nothing to challenge him on. Even under intense questions, he only has to say "Come with me into Sylvanic and all  your Bigfoot dreams will come true." Are you saying Moneymaker would balk at this? Not a Chance in Hell.

This is a comment I left on the Ghost Theory blog:

I was responding to a Calgary Newspaper website that stated the FB crew was working with him in the field for several days. I did not know they only interviewed him on camera for a few minutes. That is not what the article said. I have NO INSIDE information. It all sounded consistent with the 'over the top' we saw on the FB show in season one. The stupid photo was on your site were I found it. We both agreed it was suspect at best. What we have at this point is not known. I really don't think MM will miss a chance to go into 'sylvanic." No chance. I think they need that for their show. Now is not the time for them to get ethical. The ratings would suffer. It is show business and they need each other to survive. Where am I wrong on this?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Standing Your Ground In The Bigfoot World

Tim Fasano and Tom Biscardi Ready To Go Deep Into Enemy Territory

Tom and I were planning on working in Florida and got a permit for SWIFMUD to work that area the week after Memorial Day. I told tom a local group works that area and they beleive the skunk ape lives in ther. Tom was on his way.

Tom arrived on Tuesday May 31, 2011. He brought his crew and we met at the Waffle House on SR.51 just as you go into the Richloam tract of the Green Swamp off of I-75. We had breakfast, got to know each other, and Tom showed me some photos of them inn the field in Arkansas. We were soon off to the work area.
Biscardi and Fasano searching the area we will work at night
One of the things that tom likes to do is search the night work area in the morning to see if there is evidence of wildlife. there is a large open area about halfway to the camp that gives you line-of-site to the horizon. It is the rare treeline that is now your target. We began looking for animal signs. We found some, including may tracks of deer and coyote. We set up camera traps and we would return at night to bait them and set up more at the actual campsite.

We went the three miles deep into this area to where the campsite is along the river. Biscardi spotted an owl on a tree limb on the other side of the river. I took a good video of this. You should have seen Tom smile. It was as if this 'sighting' was worth the trip. There was, however, a different kind of sighting that I was hoping for later that night. I was excited and had been waiting for this for a long time.
The Owl At The Campsite along the river
A research group with decades of experience was down here in Florida and wanting too work with me. I could learn alot from them. They also had state of the art thermal and night optics that I would be able to use for the first time. I had come along way since I started and I was glad to finally be able to work with people who would put their egos aside, and be real men.

Tom and I saw wild boar, wild turkey, we found buck tracks and spotted an owl at the campsite - It was a very large one. There seemed to be a good abundance of animals in the area. We would latter at night spot several coyotes in the large prairie that is in there.   That was by using the FLIR and aiming it along the tree line.

This is when you have to be very patient and just wait for something to happen. The first time I used it, I thought Bigfoot would walk out of the woods in the first five minutes. It was not to be and I learned from the experience. Mitch stood ground and worked the night optics till the wee hours of the morning with no real results. That is just the way it goes in this kind of research.
Tim and David baiting at night in the Green Swamp
When we went in at night we used peanut butter and canned fish to rub on the trees all through this Green Swamp tract. David Hoes came along. David is a good guy with an open mind. He was sceptical at first but he can testify that their was no hoaxing going on. Tom and I found what we thought was a footprint. David did not agree. Cool. That is why I wanted him on the expedition. He was a calm voice of reason. I took many videos which you can find on my YouTube channel..fasanotampa.

The camera traps yielded results, I am sure. The agreement I had with Tom Biscardi was that I could take all the videos I wanted but he would keep and own all that he took. We had a handshake and that was all I needed to know how honorable the man was. I know he has images taken in the dark from the Green Swamp that he is keeping for himself. Good for Tom.

The sad fact is we did not find the skunk ape. I believe this area has been worked over by local researchers. I was told decades ago there were herds of migrating deer in the area. They have now left because of Bigfoot researchers call blasting. It scares them and they leave, so does the big hairy guy as well. There are better areas we will work next time.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Julianne Lea 1968 - 2007: I Will Always Love You

FullppThere are Bigfoot researchers in Florida that are searching my background, and found out about a criminal charge I had of domestic violence in 2003(Charge dropped). They think I am a convict or something. Now, they are trying to keep me out of National and State Parks. These people are scum and I know who they are (Central Florida Research Team). They are also saying I am a child molester. This is as low as any BF people have gone. They do not know anything about Julianne and I. This post is from my Tampa Taxi Shots blog almost five years ago. This picture of Julianne was taken in studio by me ten days before she died. It was the last time I would see her alive. This image is my most important possession. How relevant was our relationship to Bigfoot research? Julianne is dead. She was the love of my life. 

"I miss you Julianne. My life is empty without you. I have not stopped crying since you died. When does that stop?
I am devastated that you were taken from me. I am angry that life was so hard to you. I did not know you were so unhappy. Life is very unkind. Not everyone is happy. It was hard to see you while your condition was degrading. You would not know it, however, from the pretty picture of you on this post. It was taken only two weeks before you died.
That is how I will remember you.

I will remember you full of life and warmth and kindness. I will remember the laughter and the love. I will remember the precious time we shared. I will remember your vitality and your grace, your noble spirit and kind heart and talent and your humorous essence that attracted me to you.

Your death left a gaping hole in my life. But hard as it is to be without you, I take comfort in the knowledge that you are at last in peace and free of that terrible disease.

I will not let you be forgotten. Many of your friends may be looking for you and I have started a website in your memory. I am a photographer, so this blog is a photo essay of your life as much as I can with the images I have on hand.

Rest in peace Julianne. I will always love you. God bless you. Amen....from my blog March, 2007

I sent the message below to a good guy who is a researcher who told me who the people are that are trying to slander me and keep me out of National and State parks. I NOW KNOW WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE AND HAVE MUCH VIDEO OF THEM IN FIELD. I have never been convicted of a crime in my life. I have the right to vote and I do have a gun:
"Julianne died five years ago in the same manor as Amy Winehouse. Juli had an addiction to drugs and booze. I called 911 for help one night, and because of contusions on her arms, they arrested me. She later told the police that I had nothing to do with that..the charge was dropped. She later died from an overdose. I was the only person keeping her alive. My love and help was not enough. We were together for eight years. Cryptoflorida looked up my record (2003) and put it on his blog. My question is, what does this have to do with my videos and skunk ape research? Thanks for being a friend. you and Tom both know about this and also know..'shit happens' in life. This is crazy and slanderous. I should take legal action. I have never been convicted of anything in my life. They omit that part, I am sure. I have the right to own a gun and vote. I have a hack license and have held the same job for 17 years. They are scum." 

Julianne was wealthy and did not have to work. She was a model and that is how we met. I found  her in  her condo in Pasco county in 2007 after she died of an overdoese. She was the love on my life, and a day does not go by without me thinking of her. 

March 5, 2007

Jan222007_pp I lost the love of my life today. I found Julianne's lifeless body today in her condo in Hudson. I had not heard from her since last Thursday. She did not call over the weekend. I am very busy on the weekends and she knows this but always calls. Monday morning I had a bad feeling. This was unlike any other feeling I had ever had. At first, I thought she had found a man in a bar and was with him. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

When I got there today after work, the condo was the same as I left it. The curtain and blinds had not been moved and the light in the hallway was still on. I was very alarmed. I found the maintenance man of the association and he had a master key for the door. It would only work for the door handle and not the dead lock bolt. I knew she was in trouble and kicked the patio door in and from the sliding glass door you could see her body lying on the living room floor thru a crack in the curtain. Why did I not do this Monday. If she was already dead, would that of made a difference? I called 911. It looked like she had fallen and hit her head on the end table near the sofa. The detectives later concluded as much.

I was hoping to write that I had found her today and she was OK. I did not think I was going to have to write her obituary.

Her life was not always happy. She grew up in Tampa and went to King High School. She was Katebw_1 extremely bright with a high IQ. She went on to Colombia in New York where her mother was amusic professor. She dropped out of school as the conditions of her mental illness took over her life. This was the insidious disease that often kept us apart and ultimately took her life. The problem with Bi Polar disease is their victims don't always live very long. The chemical Maelstrom that is occurring in their brains put such a strain on their internal organs that the often implode from within. In the last two months, she told me she was dying. I just believed it was the alcohol that was talking. Alcoholism is common with this affliction.

She dabbled in modeling for she was very pretty. She never married. Most men were intimidated by her. I was able to maintain an eight year relationship with her that had its bumps. She had left for a couple of years and recently moved into her mothers condo in Hudson. I visited her often but knew something was not right. She would often leave messages on my cell phone with this song in the background "What would you do if you knew you were dying." The feeling I had Monday was real and my worst fears were realized today.
I think of all the things we will miss out on: Marriage, children, vacations, a home, baseball games, Sunday afternoon movies, the beach that she loved so much. All of this has been taken from me by a disease who's ass I would kick if it had material form. I once wrote about Julianne a year ago on this blog. I think it is apropo tonight for it seems almost prophetic of the recent events:
"Today was Gasparilla day. I know how much you liked that day. You were always very creative with costumes. Days like this were the ones you always looked forward to. Today was just another day for me. The memory of you is a reframe constant in my heart. Ever present and never ending with only brief periods of repose from the torment I feel. It is only now that I have only begun to reconcile the events leading to that insidious disease that took you from me. 
I went to the pier last week. A place we both enjoyed very much. I left before sunset. That would have been unbearable. For, I could remember that weekend at the beach with you standing at the waters edge as I watched the sun set in your beautiful eyes. With the wind blowing thru your hair you seemed more like a vision. An image of someone I have only seen throughout eternity but only finding you in this existence. You are so beautiful. 
I’ve started a blog now. It mostly deals with photography. You where the one that encouraged me to get back into photos. I am taking pictures of birds, ships, buildings and so forth but you are the only image I desire. I hope you don’t think posting this violates your privacy. Even though my blog is new, I think my readers are sophisticated enough to understand.
Mental Illness is a terrible disease. There. I said it. It attacks its victims in the only thing they can control-their minds. Then gradually leaves their victim immobilized form logical and reasonable thought. The doctors could never help. The medicine left you begging for relief. The worst part of this is I COULD NOT HELP YOU. There was nothing I could do. Since you left I am only one more victim in its path. 
It’s the not knowing that is the worst. I remember the last time you called me from some unknown place. You didn’t even know where. The confusion was obvious in your voice. You asked me to marry you. I only wish how that could have happened. It was at that moment that I knew that everything was wrong. Everything I had believed in and held up as truth was now cast aside. How could it have been this way?

I often wake up in the middle of the night thinking you are in danger. I remember a TV program that we both liked called 7 days. It was about time travel. And if the traveler ever got into trouble he was to use the code word “Conundrum.” Remember when I told you that if you ever lost your way and walked into anything-a truck stop, a convenience store a restaurant or roadside motel and you saw that word, or even heard it in a passing conversation, know that I was I trying to call you back home.
I have to grieve Julianne. I have to move on. Almost eighteen months is long enough.
I am listening to one of my favorite songs as I write this Many to Many by Genesis. There is a lyric in the song I think is important: “Oh pretty mama please help me find the key…Oh pretty Mama help me to go free.” I have to go now.
I LOVE YOU Julianne….I always will.
I can only hope you are in a better place now and your suffering is now over. Juli, I will see you in the next life. I often have a dream at night where my mother and father and you are standing on the porch of our two story home back in Newport News and everyone is young and has no disease and I pull up and you are smiling at me and the sense of happiness is indescribably wonderful for I now know we will be together forever.

Take care where you are at now for I know you are with God, and may God hold you in his loving arms until I get there.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Finding Bigfoot Crew Are Filming In Sylvanic With Todd Standing

Todd Standing Is working with Matt and the gang
The Finding Bigfoot Crew has been in the mythical Sylvanic area near Calgary Canada where a colony of Bigfoots live that don't mind posing for cameras. Todd Standing has several controversial images and videos that just may show the Bigfoot. Finding Bigfoot is doing a complete investigation of possible sighting locations,and they were up in Canada to check out the Sylvanic area.

The crew spent many days out there, and guess what? They did not find anything except some possible wood knocks, a late night howl, a possible footprint. Damn, no Bigfoot. I thought the show was about finding Bigfoot. Does not that guy from England, who looks like the next Star Trek villain, catch monster, crypto fish every time he goes out?

I know the Fab Four will cry all the way to the bank about not finding Bigfoot (I would cry for cash). The Sylvanic episode should be on next Spring. Can't wait. What can me expect from this episode? Let me give it a try.
  1. The opening sequence will be an aerial view of the spectacular mountain ranges that surround Calgary. It will be breathtaking.
  2. Matt Moneymaker will give a narration about how they are in the Banif and Kootenay national parks where a Bigfoot colony is supposed to be living
  3. They will introduce Todd Standing and he will give a talk about how he used to be a skeptic and then his crew found Sylvanic where the Bigfoot lives. 
  4. The crew will go out into the Sylvanic area, and when they get there, they will use Bobo to do a reenactment.
  5.  Later that night, they be out with thermals, and one of the crew members will think they saw something, and the gang will close in...they find nothing.
  6. They will examine the video the next day and Ms. Holland will say she sees nothing there that could not have been done by a human (she claims this in every reenactment). 
  7. They will then meet with some local Bigfoot guys and gals and go out to where they had sightings.
  8. A reenactment will be shown, then Bobo does the stand in thing again.
  9. They will then rap it up at some lodge and show the crew leaving in an SUV onto their next attempt to find Bigfoot
  10. Apply above formula to any of their episodes.

Platt: Bigfoot boom in Banff? | Columnists | Opinion | Calgary Sun: "This week, crews from “Finding Bigfoot,” a hit show on Discovery’s Animal Planet channel, are filming in the Calgary area, and Standing says the upcoming episode will be centred upon Sylvanic’s discoveries.

“We’ve had exceptional results and we’re working with people doing DNA analysis,” said Standing.

He says preliminary results from hair samples sent in for testing suggest an unknown species of primate, while video and photographs suggest a creature larger than a gorilla, with human-like features."

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