Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Disrupts Bigfoot Operations

Irene There has been a large amount of rain and wind from Hurricane Irene even though Florida was not in this hurricanes path. The ground is saturated and I have decided to wait for next weekend. No big deal. The people up north have their electricity out and cities are flooded. Things can always be worse, I guess.
Florida has been very lucky in the last few years. Our time must be due. They say there is a storm forming off of Africa right now. It is headed due west, and of course, it is too early to tell how strong it will be or the direction it may take.
Perhaps some good will come of all of this. Maybe the economic demand for the rebuilding job will stimulate the economy up North. Its not like the Obama plan has done anything. We will take work anyway we can get it.
You can check out my partner blog Skunkape Florida. It has lots of additional information,

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