Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Florida Bigfoot Researchers Conclude Bigfoot Is Not Real

"AFTER A 5 YEAR QUEST TO EXPLORE THE BIGFOOT PHENOMENON, FLORIDA BIGFOOT RESEARCHES HAVE DETERMINED ADEQUATE EVIDENCE IS LACKING TO JUSTIFY CONTINUED RESEARCH WITH THE HYPOTHESIS OF THE EXISTENCE OF A LARGE BIPEDAL HOMININ OR APE-LIKE CREATURE IN FLORIDA. Eye-witness testimony has been found to be unreliable and inadequate for independent verification. Further, human hoaxing by the use of fur suits has been documented as well as hoaxing of large humanlike prints identical to those presumed to be made by bigfoot/sasquatch/skunk ape as found in the literature."
"Widespread hoaxing,mis-identification of known fauna, mis-interpretation of purported bigfoot sign by mostly unskilled and/or amateur field investigators are causative factors for widespread belief in the existence of bigfoot. One example — recent multiple sightings of a large hairy, non-human bipedal creature in the panhandle area were investigated within a few days of the events with no physical evidence observed or collected. All of the reports were either on or adjacent to improved roads (making easy access by a potential hoaxer). Several reports of hair samples near sightings were reported second hand but samples never surfaced even after multiple attempts were made to the supposed possessors. Many examples may be posted on this site documenting the extent of hoaxing and mis-identification by unskilled field investigators. Further, no compelling evidence has yet been documented correlating supposed bigfoot behavior such as certain vocalizations, rock or stick throwing, or wood knocking. All are based entirely on speculative premise with no scientific documentation. In fact, all can be explained by more probable natural, known causes."
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Bigfoot research is hard and frustrating work. Many people get out into the field and never come up with any evidence.  Five years may not be enough,. There is no time frame for finding Bigfoot. For a man like Adrian Erickson to just show up and claim that he has all this evidence smells like a hoax. What he is claiming is not possible. Why good people are now having doubts, how does this guy who will not give us his evidence not be called out by the people who know better. 

I don't share the conclusion of the Bigfoot Researchers who have stopped the Florida Project. I know  that I have found things that will keep me going. I have found real footprints and recorded howls in the field. I have had two trace sightings in areas where I was the only one present. I know that it is just a matter of time and moving forward that may yield successful results. However, after five years I may feel the same way they do. 

I ask the Bigfoot world to start using criticism. This man is a fake. Please, someone call him out on this. The same for Matt Moneymaker, find Bigfoot or admit he is not real. 


  1. There is absolutely no doubt…Matt Moneymaker in my opinion is the cryptozoological world’s very worst enemy. He is the sasquatche’s worst enemy. He and people like him are examples of personal greed and egoistic self-promotion. He is neither a researcher nor any kind of expert. How he is able to fool those that he does is a phenomenon in itself. He brags constantly about himself and calls his organization “the only scientific research group devoted to finding sasquatch”. He obviously knows nothing about the wilderness or natural history. Statements such as “he was the first to discover wood-knocking” are lies. Ivan T. Sanderson spoke about wood-knocking as early as 1969. (personal conversation with him; Sussex county, NJ) Moneymaker’s Animal Planet “Finding Bigfoot” is scripted and fake—its an embarrassment to all serious researchers interested in documenting, classifying and eventually protecting the creature and its environment.
    Please people speak up; let this imbecile know what real people think of him.

    Regarding Adrian Erickson: I don’t know enough about him to comment.

  2. Matt Moneymaker is only trying to be a Moneymaker. Nothing wrong with that, but it means his intentions are not pure research. That is my problem with Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet.

  3. As someone that has worked with Moneymaker, I have to say I am not a fan and don't care for him personally. That being said, he is surrounded by good people and I have seen their methods work in big ways, sometimes a little too good. I personally prefer a little less confrontational approach and it doesn't result in getting hit with rocks. Perhaps the squatches dont care for him either.


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