Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tcsjrbigfoot And The Issue Of Being Real And Not Hoaxing

Tim And His Son Josh
Tcsjrbigfoot is the most watched Bigfoot hunter on YouTube. There is a reason for that. He has been dedicated for the last three years on his expeditions all over the Sasquatch Triangle of Ohio. He has been relentless in his pursuit and constantly upgrades his equipment and hones in on the best areas to work. He (like myself) learned that not everyone is going to share his joy. 

The Sasquatch Triangle is an area of concentrated Bigfoot reports that have been documented over several decades. This fact was brought out on the History Channel's Monster Quest dealing with the Ohio Grassman. The truth is most of the reports coming in now are east of the Mississippi River and equal the Pacific north west in intensity. Therefore, the part of Ohio Tim works is a logical choice. 

Tim Stover has been very resourceful and has worked with many different researchers and has tried many things. Not everything has worked, but that is how you learn. He started with just a standard video camera, upgraded to HD and now has thermal gear, and a sponsor who is outfitting him with more cool stuff. He is out in the field and not just posting on some Bigfoot Forum. He is an expert because he does the digging that is required in this field. Sadly, very few people are engaged in regular field research. To be honest, the BFRO does a lot of field work but has always been a "closed shop" and never extends invitations to people they don't like for some reason. That is why forming our own organization as a 'non-profit' is the way to go. 

Tim is not in this for the money. He (like myself) could have pulled a MAJOR HOAX a long time ago. There have been many hoaxes lately but none form tcsjrbigfoot or from Fasano. I was recently in the field with Tom Biscardi and he had thermals and FLIR's and all kind of stuff, and there was no hoaxing. If Tom and I are hoaxers, I guess we missed our chance. 

Cut the bullshit folks. Tim is no hoaxer. We don't need to do this. We are busy trying to earn a living and have to do this on our own dime. Give us a break.

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