Monday, July 11, 2011

"Road Kill Alley," The North End Of The Everglades, Finding Bigfoot, And Sharon Lee

I was contacted by someone who has lived in the Florida Everglades all of his life. They are a fan of the Animal Planet series Finding Bigfoot. This informant, "Deep Swamp," told me that Mat Moneymaker missed the mark by going to the south end of the 'glades. The production team Moneymaker works for (Ping Pong Productions) is very much into ratings and cheesy backdrops that look cool on TV. For example, they had a campfire meeting with a Seminole Indian tribe, and were seen riding on an air boat, and using a remote airplane. They did not find Bigfoot in Florida, however, and they left all of us wondering what the thermal image was at the end of the show. There seems to be some blow-back since then.

The BFRO claims they don't have much control over the areas worked, and the editing. Fine. If you object so much, why are you associated with this at all? It is a free country - just walk away. It seems there is too much money involved, and now this TV show will become the gold standard of how to do research. That is the real tragedy. Why do you think so many hoaxes have come out recently? Why are people seeing Bigfoot everywhere? Easy to answer this question: When you show little integrity in what you are doing for money, you prostitute all good researchers by making a parody of how good Bigfoot research is defined. It is no longer science, it is only entertainment.

I personally have been attacked for the last three years by people who think my videos are not real. Thru it all, I have hung in there believing in myself. As you get older, you prune your tree so to speak. You don't need to belong to a group because you don't need validation from other people. Your self-esteem becomes stronger as you get older, but you can be annoyed! People I believe are just jealous of my research because they either can't or won't do what I do. They don't have what it takes to dedicate themselves to a real cause.

I guess that is why Sharon Lee (a self proclaimed Bigfoot researcher) who said on the Steve Kulls radio show that she could fuck any man in Bigfoot does not like me. She called me a "duesch bag" and an asshole on national radio; she even said I was "making a fool out of myself" by doing Bigfoot YouTube research on the Tom Biscardi show. Oh really?   Strangely, she is thought of as a "real" researcher because she has a blog and you can count on two fingers the number of times she has been in the field (putting herself at risk). She is also foul mouthed and makes her way on the backs of other researchers (Don Keating and many other men...lots of men). She has never done a damn thing to contribute anything to the collective body of knowledge that the real diggers have.  I sacrifice myself by going out into very dangerous areas.

The area that my informant turned me onto is very desolate and full of invasive snakes. There are many pythons and Boa Constrictors, along with Eastern Diamond backs. Right now I have started my first efforts into this area and I'm hugging the trail until I get used to the idea of a 12 foot long snake that can eat me. I must get in there. If the skunk ape is habituating here, I must find him.

What lurks out here is hidden and unknown

I want to organize a group that will go in there and camp in November (better temps) and see what we can find. I really don't want to see anyone get hurt. That would be my main concern. Possibly, I will have some of the gear I need so we don't just find a horse and try to pass it off to millions on Animal Planet as a Bigfoot. Gee, they use to call me a hoaxer. "Deep Throat" said follow the money. When you do in Bigfoot, you see who the real hoaxers are.

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  1. What is your email address? I have 3 people, including myself, that will be going out to big cypress this weekend for camping and searching and would be interested inf uture trips thanks you


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