Sunday, July 24, 2011

Piltdown Man And The Erickson Project

Piltdown Man Press Conference
In 1912 Charles Dawson held a press conference in London with an important announcement. He had discovered during a dig in the Piltdown region of England a fossil of an ancient skull. Dawson believed this skull was a bridge between Neanderthal and modern man, the missing link. The best part of all of this was the fossil was English!

Java man and Neanderthal had been discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century and scientist needed a bridge. Dawson was going to deliver with this important discovery. He and his workers had been digging for months over the last year and found several parts of a skull and a jaw bone. The skull was able to house a very large brain and the jaw was more monkey like too chew vegetation and meat. The scientific world was excited about this find. They had, however, failed to notice or critique some obvious things. In short, scientific method was played with fast and loose.

Dawson had been working on his own and the only scientific controls of his dig were the ones he would impose. Since his crew was working alone, they could do whatever they wanted. That would include fudge data, time lines, and offer no accounting for the procurement of samples and under what conditions these samples had been found. Much less, any possibility of experimentation or repeatability of results.

Piltdown Skull
What Dawson had done was put together an orangutan jaw bone with a modern human skull. He exposed all sample's to acid and dye to make them appear to be very old. The part of the skull that connects to the vertebrae was the orangutan. Scientist bought his hoax hook line and sinker. The reason? They were just as eager as him to believe and prove man evolved from apes.

If you go to a bookstore that has old books that predate 1953, you will find books that show the evolutionary path of man and apes with the Piltdown man being the most significant of the lineages. For decades this was taught in schools and nobody had a clue. The very people who should of questioned this, did not.

The Piltdown Man fossil was rarely taken out of its case and nobody was allowed to examine it. They only had access to replications. Scientist never got to handle the original. How could these scientist of not questioned that? Simple, they wanted to believe. That is what I fear is going on in Bigfoot research today mainly in the form of the Erickson Project with Dr. Melba Ketchum.

This is Piltdown Man
Nobody has seen the samples that are being DNA tested. Nobody knows where these samples are being tested, and nobody can examine any of this important work. We are just told that one day all of this will come out. The conditions under which any of this 'evidence' was gathered in the field is suspect at best. You only have to just take their word for it like in the Piltdown Man.

I don't mean to be so skeptical, but none of this is even close to being the way science should advance. There is a large amount of money to be made and we all know what happens when money can change hands. University research this is not. Lets not let this junk science fool a lot of people

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