Monday, July 25, 2011

Monkey Business In Our Family Tree

"Despite more than a century of digging,the fossil record remains maddeningly sparse. With so few clues, even a single bone that doesn't fit into the picture can upset everything. VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR DISCOVERY has put deep cracks in the conventional wisdom and has forced scientists to CONCOCT new theories amid furious debate."  TIME May 1994

For the last Century scientist have been searching for relics of ancient man, and the missing link. As Time pointed out, each new discovery would force scientist to re-evaluate the previous theory, and almost overturn the former theory. Is this just guesswork by researchers wanting badly to prove the theory of evolution and how it applied to the assent of man? There are modern scientist that are starting to question all of this stuff.

Modern research is showing that there never was a half-man, half-ape creature. There is more evidence for Bigfoot then there is for the supposed predecessors of modern man. How would debunking scientist advace Bigfoot research? Simple, it would show that man is older, much older then what scientist want to admit. Man is so unlike anything on this planet, he might not be from here. I do not advance those theories, only that we are just beginning to understand our origins and the history of Earth. Bigfoot many be more advanced then we are hence his ability to remain unknown. Found no bones of Bigfoot? It doesn't seem they have found bones of anything else.

PILTDOWN MAN: Found in 1912 by Charles Dawson who was an amature anthropologist. He had actually perpetrated a hoax and got the scientific community to buy it. The hoax remained intact until 1953. History books had to be changed after the hoax was discovered. 

NEBRASKA MAN: This was a sort of scientific blunder. In 1917 Harold Cook found a tooth and scientist reconstructed an ancient form of man. Scientist in London agreed. It was later shown to be a wild pig tooth...OOPS!

Homo Erectus  is said to be our ancestor from 2.6 million years ago, yet his skeleton is in every way identical to ours. In fact, give him some tattoos and a  leather  jacket and he would walk the streets unnoticed. 

By far the most famous of all the cave men was Neanderthal Man. It is now known that the peculiar appearance of the Neanderthals was the result of extreme old age and rickets, as well as, arthritis.  

Lucy  (Australopithecus Afarensis) discovered by Dr. Leaky is generally agreed upon as being a pygmy chimp rather than a missing link. The main evidence presented to show that Lucy was almost human were some perfect human footprints found nearby (secondary evidence used in Bigfoot research). If you will notice the illustration,  the skeleton has no feet! Could it be that a human made those footprints? 

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