Friday, July 29, 2011

Skunk Ape Footprints Found On A River Bank

Still from video of prints leading into the river
I found a series of footprints that seemed to be coming out of the water onto the rivers edge - all in view of alligators. What was strange was the prints turned around, and went back into the water. I'm telling you this river is infested with Gators and no human would be swimming in it. If they did, that would be it.

I could tell by the prints that the creature was barefoot and had claw like toes or had never clipped its long nails. I don't think it could have been a bear because I have never seen bears swimming in the river and they are not supposed to be this far south.

I believe what I discovered were fresh tracks that were laid down that morning when I was out there. I camped out the night before and heard sounds in the distance. I know this area and I will be back. It is very hot now and I really can't take much more of the heat and the bugs.

People are wondering why I have not put up videos in the last few weeks. That is because of the heat. I have about 30 videos to put up and my internet connection right now is not that good and with working 70 hours a week, I just don't have the time. The Fall of the year things should start getting better.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monkey Business In Our Family Tree

"Despite more than a century of digging,the fossil record remains maddeningly sparse. With so few clues, even a single bone that doesn't fit into the picture can upset everything. VIRTUALLY EVERY MAJOR DISCOVERY has put deep cracks in the conventional wisdom and has forced scientists to CONCOCT new theories amid furious debate."  TIME May 1994

For the last Century scientist have been searching for relics of ancient man, and the missing link. As Time pointed out, each new discovery would force scientist to re-evaluate the previous theory, and almost overturn the former theory. Is this just guesswork by researchers wanting badly to prove the theory of evolution and how it applied to the assent of man? There are modern scientist that are starting to question all of this stuff.

Modern research is showing that there never was a half-man, half-ape creature. There is more evidence for Bigfoot then there is for the supposed predecessors of modern man. How would debunking scientist advace Bigfoot research? Simple, it would show that man is older, much older then what scientist want to admit. Man is so unlike anything on this planet, he might not be from here. I do not advance those theories, only that we are just beginning to understand our origins and the history of Earth. Bigfoot many be more advanced then we are hence his ability to remain unknown. Found no bones of Bigfoot? It doesn't seem they have found bones of anything else.

PILTDOWN MAN: Found in 1912 by Charles Dawson who was an amature anthropologist. He had actually perpetrated a hoax and got the scientific community to buy it. The hoax remained intact until 1953. History books had to be changed after the hoax was discovered. 

NEBRASKA MAN: This was a sort of scientific blunder. In 1917 Harold Cook found a tooth and scientist reconstructed an ancient form of man. Scientist in London agreed. It was later shown to be a wild pig tooth...OOPS!

Homo Erectus  is said to be our ancestor from 2.6 million years ago, yet his skeleton is in every way identical to ours. In fact, give him some tattoos and a  leather  jacket and he would walk the streets unnoticed. 

By far the most famous of all the cave men was Neanderthal Man. It is now known that the peculiar appearance of the Neanderthals was the result of extreme old age and rickets, as well as, arthritis.  

Lucy  (Australopithecus Afarensis) discovered by Dr. Leaky is generally agreed upon as being a pygmy chimp rather than a missing link. The main evidence presented to show that Lucy was almost human were some perfect human footprints found nearby (secondary evidence used in Bigfoot research). If you will notice the illustration,  the skeleton has no feet! Could it be that a human made those footprints? 

Additional source material

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Piltdown Man And The Erickson Project

Piltdown Man Press Conference
In 1912 Charles Dawson held a press conference in London with an important announcement. He had discovered during a dig in the Piltdown region of England a fossil of an ancient skull. Dawson believed this skull was a bridge between Neanderthal and modern man, the missing link. The best part of all of this was the fossil was English!

Java man and Neanderthal had been discovered in the middle of the nineteenth century and scientist needed a bridge. Dawson was going to deliver with this important discovery. He and his workers had been digging for months over the last year and found several parts of a skull and a jaw bone. The skull was able to house a very large brain and the jaw was more monkey like too chew vegetation and meat. The scientific world was excited about this find. They had, however, failed to notice or critique some obvious things. In short, scientific method was played with fast and loose.

Dawson had been working on his own and the only scientific controls of his dig were the ones he would impose. Since his crew was working alone, they could do whatever they wanted. That would include fudge data, time lines, and offer no accounting for the procurement of samples and under what conditions these samples had been found. Much less, any possibility of experimentation or repeatability of results.

Piltdown Skull
What Dawson had done was put together an orangutan jaw bone with a modern human skull. He exposed all sample's to acid and dye to make them appear to be very old. The part of the skull that connects to the vertebrae was the orangutan. Scientist bought his hoax hook line and sinker. The reason? They were just as eager as him to believe and prove man evolved from apes.

If you go to a bookstore that has old books that predate 1953, you will find books that show the evolutionary path of man and apes with the Piltdown man being the most significant of the lineages. For decades this was taught in schools and nobody had a clue. The very people who should of questioned this, did not.

The Piltdown Man fossil was rarely taken out of its case and nobody was allowed to examine it. They only had access to replications. Scientist never got to handle the original. How could these scientist of not questioned that? Simple, they wanted to believe. That is what I fear is going on in Bigfoot research today mainly in the form of the Erickson Project with Dr. Melba Ketchum.

This is Piltdown Man
Nobody has seen the samples that are being DNA tested. Nobody knows where these samples are being tested, and nobody can examine any of this important work. We are just told that one day all of this will come out. The conditions under which any of this 'evidence' was gathered in the field is suspect at best. You only have to just take their word for it like in the Piltdown Man.

I don't mean to be so skeptical, but none of this is even close to being the way science should advance. There is a large amount of money to be made and we all know what happens when money can change hands. University research this is not. Lets not let this junk science fool a lot of people

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sasquatch Or Something Else?

Is this what we are looking for?
This question was posed on the Above Top Secret website. Decades have passed since the Patterson/Gimlim film and there is still no hard evidence; so just what are we looking for? Is it really a giant 800 lb creature or something else?

FINDING BIGFOOT made it look really easy. A skunk ape behind a house in Florida, a skunk ape along a canal in the everglades (a horse), a thermal hit from a caravan of cars in a Georgia National Park, a Bigfoot going for a zagnut candy bar in North Carolina, a series of Bigfoot howls in the Oregon woods at night, a rabbit being stalked by a sasquatch in Washington, a Bigfoot breaching a laser parameter line in Alaska. Do you see where I am going with this? Is it really this easy Matt? Or is cashing the check the easy part? I find research to be very frustrating from a technical and scientific standpoint. The methodology can never be figured out.  I had a response that I posted on the thread:

"I am an Independent "skunk ape" field researcher from Florida, and find the work frustrating. It is getting difficult to use even some basic scientific methods in my work. For example, I am unable to repeat anything I have found or experience observation of any kind.
I have found footprints of different sizes. I have gone back for months into the same area and never found anymore prints. I can't tell you how frustrating this is to me. I have recorded howls at night that don't match anything I am familiar with. (It could be a sick animal, for example). Again, I cannot get another recording of said animal.
Forget about a sighting, I have some videos that show motion but only in wide angle with extreme loss of resolution when blown up. Sightings are reported in Florida all the time and I go to these areas with not much luck.
Frustration is no reason to give up on anything in life. But when I see the BFRO making money "hoaxing" on the Finding Bigfoot show when they seem to find something every time they go out....I cringe. That is not possible folks.
If Bigfoot exist, it is extremely rare and has an ability to elude man which is unknown to any other animal. Perhaps trail cams would, in the long run, yield more evidence. That is the direction many researchers have now taken, and where I am headed."...Tim Fasano

The BFRO seems to think that there is plenty of is just how you measure and gauge such stuff.

 The assertion that there is absolutely no physical evidence is absolutely false. There is more physical evidence than most people realize. Physical evidence is found every month in various areas across the country. Distinct tracks that do not match other animal tracks, hairs that match each other but no known wild animals, and large scats that could not be made by any known species, are all "physical evidence."

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tcsjrbigfoot And The Issue Of Being Real And Not Hoaxing

Tim And His Son Josh
Tcsjrbigfoot is the most watched Bigfoot hunter on YouTube. There is a reason for that. He has been dedicated for the last three years on his expeditions all over the Sasquatch Triangle of Ohio. He has been relentless in his pursuit and constantly upgrades his equipment and hones in on the best areas to work. He (like myself) learned that not everyone is going to share his joy. 

The Sasquatch Triangle is an area of concentrated Bigfoot reports that have been documented over several decades. This fact was brought out on the History Channel's Monster Quest dealing with the Ohio Grassman. The truth is most of the reports coming in now are east of the Mississippi River and equal the Pacific north west in intensity. Therefore, the part of Ohio Tim works is a logical choice. 

Tim Stover has been very resourceful and has worked with many different researchers and has tried many things. Not everything has worked, but that is how you learn. He started with just a standard video camera, upgraded to HD and now has thermal gear, and a sponsor who is outfitting him with more cool stuff. He is out in the field and not just posting on some Bigfoot Forum. He is an expert because he does the digging that is required in this field. Sadly, very few people are engaged in regular field research. To be honest, the BFRO does a lot of field work but has always been a "closed shop" and never extends invitations to people they don't like for some reason. That is why forming our own organization as a 'non-profit' is the way to go. 

Tim is not in this for the money. He (like myself) could have pulled a MAJOR HOAX a long time ago. There have been many hoaxes lately but none form tcsjrbigfoot or from Fasano. I was recently in the field with Tom Biscardi and he had thermals and FLIR's and all kind of stuff, and there was no hoaxing. If Tom and I are hoaxers, I guess we missed our chance. 

Cut the bullshit folks. Tim is no hoaxer. We don't need to do this. We are busy trying to earn a living and have to do this on our own dime. Give us a break.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Road Kill Alley," The North End Of The Everglades, Finding Bigfoot, And Sharon Lee

I was contacted by someone who has lived in the Florida Everglades all of his life. They are a fan of the Animal Planet series Finding Bigfoot. This informant, "Deep Swamp," told me that Mat Moneymaker missed the mark by going to the south end of the 'glades. The production team Moneymaker works for (Ping Pong Productions) is very much into ratings and cheesy backdrops that look cool on TV. For example, they had a campfire meeting with a Seminole Indian tribe, and were seen riding on an air boat, and using a remote airplane. They did not find Bigfoot in Florida, however, and they left all of us wondering what the thermal image was at the end of the show. There seems to be some blow-back since then.

The BFRO claims they don't have much control over the areas worked, and the editing. Fine. If you object so much, why are you associated with this at all? It is a free country - just walk away. It seems there is too much money involved, and now this TV show will become the gold standard of how to do research. That is the real tragedy. Why do you think so many hoaxes have come out recently? Why are people seeing Bigfoot everywhere? Easy to answer this question: When you show little integrity in what you are doing for money, you prostitute all good researchers by making a parody of how good Bigfoot research is defined. It is no longer science, it is only entertainment.

I personally have been attacked for the last three years by people who think my videos are not real. Thru it all, I have hung in there believing in myself. As you get older, you prune your tree so to speak. You don't need to belong to a group because you don't need validation from other people. Your self-esteem becomes stronger as you get older, but you can be annoyed! People I believe are just jealous of my research because they either can't or won't do what I do. They don't have what it takes to dedicate themselves to a real cause.

I guess that is why Sharon Lee (a self proclaimed Bigfoot researcher) who said on the Steve Kulls radio show that she could fuck any man in Bigfoot does not like me. She called me a "duesch bag" and an asshole on national radio; she even said I was "making a fool out of myself" by doing Bigfoot YouTube research on the Tom Biscardi show. Oh really?   Strangely, she is thought of as a "real" researcher because she has a blog and you can count on two fingers the number of times she has been in the field (putting herself at risk). She is also foul mouthed and makes her way on the backs of other researchers (Don Keating and many other men...lots of men). She has never done a damn thing to contribute anything to the collective body of knowledge that the real diggers have.  I sacrifice myself by going out into very dangerous areas.

The area that my informant turned me onto is very desolate and full of invasive snakes. There are many pythons and Boa Constrictors, along with Eastern Diamond backs. Right now I have started my first efforts into this area and I'm hugging the trail until I get used to the idea of a 12 foot long snake that can eat me. I must get in there. If the skunk ape is habituating here, I must find him.

What lurks out here is hidden and unknown

I want to organize a group that will go in there and camp in November (better temps) and see what we can find. I really don't want to see anyone get hurt. That would be my main concern. Possibly, I will have some of the gear I need so we don't just find a horse and try to pass it off to millions on Animal Planet as a Bigfoot. Gee, they use to call me a hoaxer. "Deep Throat" said follow the money. When you do in Bigfoot, you see who the real hoaxers are.

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