Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tom Biscardi Shows Up In Florida

Tom said he and his guys would be at the exit of I-75 and SR 50 on Tuesday morning and they showed up right on time. We went to the Waffle House to get some breakfast and get acquainted meeting. I showed Tom the area on the map I had picked out based on years of working it and what other Bigfoot field researchers had said. We were soon off on our way down 471 headed for the target area.

He had a good group of guys working with him and the plan for this morning was to go into the area and find a good spot for night operations. When we arrived at the gate, Tom did a little intro for the documentary he is filming and gave me credit for finding this good looking spot. He liked it because much of it looked impenetrable with lots of growth.

We were soon on our way down the dirt road and soon spotted wildlife and prints going into an area with a wide open prairie. There was no doubt that this was the spot, so we checked it out and began deploying the trail cams for the night. The area had lots of watter and vegetation which should make it a good habitat.

They wanted to get some rest and meet back with me one hour before sunset. I will report back latter.

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