Sunday, June 5, 2011

Learning A Few Things From Tom Biscardi

Tom Biscardi has been doing Bigfoot research since the early 1970's. He knows a lot and can teach me a few things because he knows much about animals and the tracks they leave. I know he is a controversial figure in Bigfoot but the man does know some things. He showed me what a deer buck print looks like. I have seen them many times, but when you work alone, you have nobody to ask. Tom believes the best place to set up night optics is on a prairie with a clear view to the horizon especially when you have multiple animal tracks leading into the area. The area we found was about halfway to the camp, still a mile and a half away. If Bigfoot follows the animals, this has to a passing through area. What we found after sunset should be good.

Fasano and Biscardi in the Florida Green Swamp West Track Looking at prints
This prairie we finds affords great clear views to the tree line at the horizon. I tell Tom this would be ideal for the night optics cameras we have on the truck. If we give it all night, I am sure we can find something. It is just a matter of being patient. There is plenty of wildlife to interest the swamp ape. Tom agrees.

The tree line is almost to the horizon..a great line of sight for night optics
I suspect his area has been worked by local research groups but we will use infrared and thermal image equipment. I am very excited at this point about the prospects. I can't wait until tonight. 

Rob and Mitch recorded the area

With the bobcat and deer tracks we saw and the pigs that were grunting in the distance, it was obvious that this was a very active area at night. The search was over, this would be were we work of the places. The camp down by the river was looking good for our thermal and trail cam gear.

The Buck print Tom found

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