Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Where Science Meets Entertainment For What End?

I did not watch the first episode of Finding Bigfoot. I thought all they would do is phony it up. I taped it last night because they were in Florida, and considering they drove within 8 miles of my house to there, at least I could be polite enough to watch.

Let me blunt. I like James "Bobo" Fay, he is beyond cool and reminds me of Tony Saragusa of the NFL. He has that smart ass wit, and real charisma. Ranae Holland is a scientist and hot in a school teacher sort of way. Matt Moneymaker makes my 'gaydar' go off and Bobo must know it for his comment "anything you want bigboy." Cliff Barackman seems to have been marginalized because he is two real and objective, and does not meet the needs of the producers...WHO ARE INTERESTED IN RESULTS!!!!!!

There were two objects fakes, or best, misrepresentation of thermal evidence with the night optics. Matt Moneymaker walking out to a skinny production assistant they saw on the thermal was wrong for them to do. It undermines all the good work people are doing. They did they same things at the Bridges home during their night operation. Bigfoot research just does not go like that. Oh, the Bridges are just like all Americans they know how to cast prints and know about dermal ridges...just makes me wonder.

Matt Moneymaker walking out to the Florida Skunk Ape?
Why did they not show the "sasquatch" run away. They just had Bobo say it was running off but they did not show it. This was disappointing to me (my tape turned off because I had only set it for 60 it a 90m show?). I think this was phony and anyone could have staged it with a good thermal. Sorry, I don't buy it.

Tim Fasano and Tom Biscardi worked together in the Florida swamps just days before this episode aired on Animal Planet. If we are supposed to be hoaxers, and we had the same equipment, why did we not pull this? We did not find shit. Or perhaps, we knew who would believe this crap? I don't.


  1. It is indeed a shame that this tv show has set back the Bigfoot research movement in a big way. It is contrived and scripted, basically to draw in the interest of casual Bigfoot followers. Anyone that has spent time following serious research in this field is both insulted and amused. This show was surely produced to capture something, unfortunately it is television viewer ratings, not bigfoots. If I want scripted amusement I will watch pro wrestling, they admit it's a production and the babes are hotter. Here Bobo, here boy, time to come in from the cold.

  2. little known fact about Bobo

    during a summer break in college he appeared in a Kenny Loggins video playing volleyball

    you can see him at 2:51 doing a squatch dance


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