Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bigfoot Comes Out At Night

Everything I have ever read says that Bigfoot is a nocturnal animal. That is why in the last month, many of my outings have been at night or just before sunset. I took advantage of a planned camping trip over the Fathers Day weekend to explore at night for Bigfoot or the Skunk Ape in Florida.
Searching for skunk ape late night miles into a swamp
We had reserved five campsites up along the Hillsborough River where there was a documented sighting ten years ago at the apex of the Florida Trail in a swamp area. I have been to the spot during the day and, now, had to find my way under the cover of night. This was a pretty scary thing. I had no GPS, only a flashlight.The heat index was over 110 and the bugs were out in force. I have been waiting for a change to do this and I was amped. 

At the sighting area, I found no real evidence with just a strong spotlight. The problem was I go lost. I was turned around and being under thick vegitation, I was disoriented and not sure of what direction to go since I was way off trail. I finally saw the full moon that had only risen a few hours before and could now orient myself. You need the right gear to do this and not people who are wanting to run off to the Holiday Inn or something.

A very welcome site
I am very excited about the direction my research is taking and look forward to the future with great anticipation. I should be able to upgrade my equipment and explore new things. Come along for the ride.

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