Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tom Biscardi Radio Show

I will be a guest tonight on the Tom Biscardi radio show. This will be about the fourth time I have been on Tom's show. The topic tonight will be open to whatever, so that should be a good format. They were going to have someone on who had some real inside information on a recent Bigfoot expedition but they could not make it. Don't worry. I am comfortable under these circumstances.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Using The Same FLIR Night Optics For Georgia and Oregon

I got this message on my YouTube site from a poster who compared the night FLIR images with each other and they are the same. It seems Matt Monymaker was "hoodwinked" more then Biscardi was...LOL

Hey Dude Look at what I just found.
I Just discovered conflicting thermo videos of finding bigfoot.
You can Check for yourself ,Open each youtube video
and put them side by side
First video is from Georgia and the second is from Oregon .
But they are the same video.Please leave your comment after looking at both videos.
At :30 Sec

At 3:27 Sec

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bigfoot Comes Out At Night

Everything I have ever read says that Bigfoot is a nocturnal animal. That is why in the last month, many of my outings have been at night or just before sunset. I took advantage of a planned camping trip over the Fathers Day weekend to explore at night for Bigfoot or the Skunk Ape in Florida.
Searching for skunk ape late night miles into a swamp
We had reserved five campsites up along the Hillsborough River where there was a documented sighting ten years ago at the apex of the Florida Trail in a swamp area. I have been to the spot during the day and, now, had to find my way under the cover of night. This was a pretty scary thing. I had no GPS, only a flashlight.The heat index was over 110 and the bugs were out in force. I have been waiting for a change to do this and I was amped. 

At the sighting area, I found no real evidence with just a strong spotlight. The problem was I go lost. I was turned around and being under thick vegitation, I was disoriented and not sure of what direction to go since I was way off trail. I finally saw the full moon that had only risen a few hours before and could now orient myself. You need the right gear to do this and not people who are wanting to run off to the Holiday Inn or something.

A very welcome site
I am very excited about the direction my research is taking and look forward to the future with great anticipation. I should be able to upgrade my equipment and explore new things. Come along for the ride.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Where Is Tim Fasano When You Need Him....To Debunk A Hoax?

That was the question that Shaun at asked the other day about this YouTube posting that supposedly shows a Florida Skunk Ape. It is not a skunk ape. It was shot in a zoo perhaps in Tampa or Orlando. Florida Zoo's use real life environmental areas to house their animals. These animals are chimps. That is all they are.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Walk Down To The River Video

I have for two nights been on overnight outings in a jungle area near a primitive river in Central Florida. There has been a lack of rain, so the bugs are not bad. This video shows movement on the top of the berm that paralels the river. it is about ten feet up and something can be seen running along the top going from right to left. I beleive I have captured the Florida Skunk Ape in this video. I also walk right into a large spider web.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dave Shealy Gets A Skunk Ape Reality TV Show On Discovery Channel

Dave Shealy Owner Of The Florida Skunk Ape Museum and Research Center

Dave Shealy is a friend of mine and I am glad he is getting a new reality TV show on Discovery channel, about the Skunk Ape in Florida. Attention needs to be called to this phenomena and Dave is the guy to do it. Dave owns the Skunk Ape research and visitor center on Alligator between Naples and Miami. It is in a desolate and uninhabited part of the state and home to many skunk ape encounters. BFRO has recorded these skunk ape sightings in Collier County and environs and I can't wait to see the show. You are right Shawn, not my turn this time. There is always next year, just ask the Miami Heat!
"35 years looking for the skunk ape.
This week, he’ll have company.
A film crew from California-based Authentic Entertainment, the production company behind reality TV shows Ace of Cakes (Food Network) and Flipping Out (Bravo) is in Ochopee to begin filming a pilot reality show intended for Discovery Channel in the fall.
Shealy, curator of the Skunk Ape Research Headquarters, has appeared on other shows about the legendary skunk ape, a yeti-like creature adapted to the wilds of South Florida, including "Unsolved Mysteries" and "The Daily Show."
He calls the Discovery Channel pilot the biggest project he’s worked on.
An Authentic Entertainment associate in Burbank confirmed that a film crew is in Florida on the project but the producers in the field declined to comment on the making of the show.
Shealy said they’ll employ a helicopter to get aerial shots and tour the 10,000 Islands by boat. Advanced technology, which he declined to describe, will be used as well, he said.
“The producers really want to put together a successful show,” he said.
Shealy knows not everyone buys the tale of the skunk ape, a 7-foot tall biped covered in hair and emitting a foul odor. The website for his Trail Lakes Campground on U.S. 41 in the Big Cypress Preserve, hosts an ongoing poll asking visitors if they believe in the creature’s existence. More than 25 percent of the 2,500 respondents either believe it to be a hoax or are skeptical.
But a majority either believe in the idea or find it plausible.
He says new information is surfacing all the time. “I’m hot on the trail,” he said, adding the fresh evidence points to the presence of a skunk ape around Sunniland. “New doors are opening. I look forward to bringing this to a close real soon.”

Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding Bigfoot: Where Science Meets Entertainment For What End?

I did not watch the first episode of Finding Bigfoot. I thought all they would do is phony it up. I taped it last night because they were in Florida, and considering they drove within 8 miles of my house to there, at least I could be polite enough to watch.

Let me blunt. I like James "Bobo" Fay, he is beyond cool and reminds me of Tony Saragusa of the NFL. He has that smart ass wit, and real charisma. Ranae Holland is a scientist and hot in a school teacher sort of way. Matt Moneymaker makes my 'gaydar' go off and Bobo must know it for his comment "anything you want bigboy." Cliff Barackman seems to have been marginalized because he is two real and objective, and does not meet the needs of the producers...WHO ARE INTERESTED IN RESULTS!!!!!!

There were two objects fakes, or best, misrepresentation of thermal evidence with the night optics. Matt Moneymaker walking out to a skinny production assistant they saw on the thermal was wrong for them to do. It undermines all the good work people are doing. They did they same things at the Bridges home during their night operation. Bigfoot research just does not go like that. Oh, the Bridges are just like all Americans they know how to cast prints and know about dermal ridges...just makes me wonder.

Matt Moneymaker walking out to the Florida Skunk Ape?
Why did they not show the "sasquatch" run away. They just had Bobo say it was running off but they did not show it. This was disappointing to me (my tape turned off because I had only set it for 60 it a 90m show?). I think this was phony and anyone could have staged it with a good thermal. Sorry, I don't buy it.

Tim Fasano and Tom Biscardi worked together in the Florida swamps just days before this episode aired on Animal Planet. If we are supposed to be hoaxers, and we had the same equipment, why did we not pull this? We did not find shit. Or perhaps, we knew who would believe this crap? I don't.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Learning A Few Things From Tom Biscardi

Tom Biscardi has been doing Bigfoot research since the early 1970's. He knows a lot and can teach me a few things because he knows much about animals and the tracks they leave. I know he is a controversial figure in Bigfoot but the man does know some things. He showed me what a deer buck print looks like. I have seen them many times, but when you work alone, you have nobody to ask. Tom believes the best place to set up night optics is on a prairie with a clear view to the horizon especially when you have multiple animal tracks leading into the area. The area we found was about halfway to the camp, still a mile and a half away. If Bigfoot follows the animals, this has to a passing through area. What we found after sunset should be good.

Fasano and Biscardi in the Florida Green Swamp West Track Looking at prints
This prairie we finds affords great clear views to the tree line at the horizon. I tell Tom this would be ideal for the night optics cameras we have on the truck. If we give it all night, I am sure we can find something. It is just a matter of being patient. There is plenty of wildlife to interest the swamp ape. Tom agrees.

The tree line is almost to the horizon..a great line of sight for night optics
I suspect his area has been worked by local research groups but we will use infrared and thermal image equipment. I am very excited at this point about the prospects. I can't wait until tonight. 

Rob and Mitch recorded the area

With the bobcat and deer tracks we saw and the pigs that were grunting in the distance, it was obvious that this was a very active area at night. The search was over, this would be were we work of the places. The camp down by the river was looking good for our thermal and trail cam gear.

The Buck print Tom found

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tom Biscardi Shows Up In Florida

Tom said he and his guys would be at the exit of I-75 and SR 50 on Tuesday morning and they showed up right on time. We went to the Waffle House to get some breakfast and get acquainted meeting. I showed Tom the area on the map I had picked out based on years of working it and what other Bigfoot field researchers had said. We were soon off on our way down 471 headed for the target area.

He had a good group of guys working with him and the plan for this morning was to go into the area and find a good spot for night operations. When we arrived at the gate, Tom did a little intro for the documentary he is filming and gave me credit for finding this good looking spot. He liked it because much of it looked impenetrable with lots of growth.

We were soon on our way down the dirt road and soon spotted wildlife and prints going into an area with a wide open prairie. There was no doubt that this was the spot, so we checked it out and began deploying the trail cams for the night. The area had lots of watter and vegetation which should make it a good habitat.

They wanted to get some rest and meet back with me one hour before sunset. I will report back latter.

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