Friday, May 13, 2011

Timbergiantbigfoot Videos Reviewed By Canadians On The BFF

There are many comments on the Bigfoot Forum boards that shed insight on the character and research of Jim - Timber Bigfoot Giant Forest. The ones that are from Ontario recognize the areas he is going into as short on forest and wildlife. He seems to aim his camera to cover that up. He may also be hiking around the parameter of a wild safari park where you can video monkeys swinging from trees - inside and outside the park- in a natural setting. The animals are not in cages.

"I don't buy the whole 'Jim thing'. The 'gifting' of a boar's tusk is dubious along with many other claims and shady 'evidence'. And the kicker? He's asking for donations to fund his research. I think he's a great business man and a better deceiver. That's just my personal opinion. And, I recognize his research area which is in Dundas Ontario. If you watch his vids, he keeps going around the same areas and cleverly only videos so far into the woods because there's hardly any woods where he researches. Doesn't add up to me. Doesn't help that FB/FB is endorsing his stuff - most embarrassingly the 'tiptoeing 600lb Bigfoot on a branch'. That's crazy talk! But again, only my opinion." Ontario Bigfoot Reports
If you watch all his videos, IMO, they are a tad sensationalistic and Jim appears somewhat delusional. Jim has admitted to being retired, so I doubt his funds are that limited. I've spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on researchng, but I'm not going to post suspect vids on Youtube and ask for donations from the public. That to me is shifty. If you think that's fine, all the more power to you, but realize you lose ALL credibility as a researcher under the circumstances. If you have great videos that show more than blobsquatches or light/shadow-play, by all means sell them to the public. But displaying vids of absolutely nothing and claiming they're full of Bigfoot 'evidence', and then asking for money to fund your research, c'mon...that's criminal. Jim's a great businessman, albeit crooked, because he's duped many and most likely is getting some funds donated. Heck, comments on his Youtube  page have people practically giving him their savings. I can't assume he's getting a lot of money, nor can anyone assume he's not. Right? But, he's asking for money. Shame...shame...shame. Michael Greene lost credibility amongst some researchers and he video'd something thermally that concretely resembled a Bigfoot. Greene asked for $3 initially for each public viewing on his webpage (later reduced to $2). But because Greene asked for money, his reputation was compromised with some researchers. Jim's asking for money to fund research, yet he has nothing concrete to show for. Hmmm...that doesn't seem greasy to you?
I've spoken with Jim a few times and I know the area he researches. I've been through his research area. So,'s Dundas, regardless of what is stated above.
Spare trees indicate spare forest in his videos. I can make that statement because I know the forest he's 'researching'. Absolutely spare tree cover doesn't always indicated spare forest, but in this case it absolutely does. If you watch ALL of his videos, he's stating that he's in new areas but he's not. He just keeps going back and forth, back and forth to make it appear he's covering a large area, when in reality, he's in a VERY small area - that's why I made my comment in my previous post about him going over the same area.
FB/FB endorsing his vids means a whole lot to serious researchers because FB/FB endorses blatant hoaxes. Jim is losing credibility not only as a result of some of his ludacris claims and alleged findings, but because he himself is endorsing FB/FB further fabricating his claims and alleged findings.
He filmed a squirrel by accident, admittedly, while letting FB/FB run with it... and only very quietly acknowledging that it is most likely a squirrel. If he was legit, he'd shut the nonsense down on FB/FB pertaining to his squirrel vid. Yet quietly he reaps the benefits. That's a great businessman full of deceit."   Ontario Bigfoot Reports
This is very objective analysis on a possible hoaxer just trying to make money so he can pay to promote his videos on YouTube. If he has found Sasquatch, why does he need to pay to driver traffic to those videos? This does not make sense.

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