Monday, May 30, 2011

Tim Fasano And Tom Biscardi Are Teaming Together To Work The Green Swamp Of Florida

The world famous Tom Biscardi and his team of six experts have hooked up with Tim Fasano (YouTube Guy) to work the Green Swamp of Florida and the Richloam track with high-tech night optics and computer radar imagaing. This will be ground breaking for this area for this type of gear has not been used in the areas we are going into.

Animal Planet this week will kick off a six part series called Finding Bigfoot starting in Florida. We are getting the jump on them, and will show you the "real" Florida, not the stuff they fake on TV. We have allready collected fantastic evidence, and will find more when we begin night operations at four corner and west Polk county. Stay tuned. As soon as I can get back to an internet connection in range of my wireless, I will fill you in.
Tim Leading Tom Into the Camp Area

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