Sunday, May 29, 2011

Searching The Green Swamp For Game Trails

Dave (A Bigfoot researcher from Orlando) and I went hiking in the Green Swamp West Track Saturday looking for signs of animal life. We had our camping gear and were prepared to spend the night. The area we were in was miles off of the State road, and evidence of wildlife from deer, pigs, rabbits and other animals was everywhere.

We also found what might be a footprint in a muddy area and I had a visual that may only have been the wind blowing, but Dave and I went into that cypress swamp area and investigated it. I will post more videos on YouTube as I get the time. I am very busy right now getting ready for my team to show up next week.
I am interested in deploying camera traps that can work for weeks on their own and capture some high quality images that you could not get on your own hiking. I really think that technology is the correct way to go in Sasquatch research. Many unclassified animals are being found worldwide with this technology.
The sun was getting low in the sky and we had camping gear with us, so we returned to our cars and decided to set up camp. We were parked next to a sand island, and spent most of the late afternoon gathering firewood. It was the perfect wide open area that you want as a campsite. It was something I had never done before and it was a lot of fun. 

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