Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bigfoot Expedition Has Begun

This is a unique opportunity to spend a week in the woods searching for the Florida skunk ape, or Sasquatch. I have a field researcher from the local area who will meet up with me Saturday and the major group of guys will be here from out of State on Tuesday. They bring a tech guy, a tracker guy, a computer nerd, a big game hunter, and anthropologist and a publicity guy. The local media will be involved but must keep their distance.


There are some major financers who have put up big money for high-tech gear such as night infrared optics and thermal devices. We will also be using a radar computer imaging device that will send signals into the jungle to dected anomolies that are inconsistent with the rest of the area. 

It will be a lot of hard work and require sleeping in very hot and humid conditions. We are more than willing to do this if we can find proof of the Florida sasquatch.

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  1. Good luck Tim! We'll be watching. Can't wait to read up on your next blog update.



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