Monday, April 18, 2011

Tom Biscardi Called Me Tonight

Tom Biscardi called me just as I walked in the door tonight. He was alarmed because he called me the other day and my cell phone had been cut off. I use MetroPCS and just had not gone down to pay the bill (you can only pay at one of their offices). He wanted to know if I was alright and if he could do anything to help. I told him a healthy economy would be good.

Thats the kind of guy Tom is. He cares about his friends and really wants them to succeed. I told him trolls were causing problems for me. Tom believes there are men that go do things and press real flesh and live in the real world.. Then, there are people who's only world is on the internet because you can have risk free relationships where you can put in no effort and just spew your frustrations and insult people because of their poor self-esteem.

It was good to talk to a friend tonight.

I was in the field last Sunday, and hope to go back out soon. Videos and pictures with an outing report are soon coming.

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