Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Their Footprints Are Giving Them Away

Casted and pulled from the swamp at night
It is believed that Bigfoot or the Florida Skunk Ape is migratory based on weather just like many other animals. When it gets hot in the south, they are on the move. The bugs are bad and the conditions are just not good.

However, when they get old and lets face it, they don't have the energy to keep moving. They get comfortable with an area. There is food and water and shelter. They are just like us - they don't feel good and they just want to stay put. What they don't realize is their footprints are giving them away.

One of the best things a researcher can do is to look for footprints. In the two years I have been in the swamp, it is the areas that I have been finding footprints in that yield other types of evidence, such as, vocals and possible sightings. I have been charged from the brush but it is only in areas that I have found prints. In the areas where there are none, I get no activity. So I tend to focus my research activities in the footprint areas.

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