Friday, April 29, 2011

A "Season Of Swamp Ape" Expeditions Announced

I am wanting to put together a team of Bigfoot explorers. I hope to put a team of 6-8 researchers for these trips. The team will explore with me five of the deepest swamps and forest of Florida and south Georgia. This expedition will be the real deal, and go further then any explorers have ever gone.

The first expedition will be going into the Okefenokee Swamp on the border of Florida and Georgia. This is a 600 mile wilderness preserve accessible only by canoe. The area is wild with many perils. The team will go two nights out and one night back, and sleep in primitive camp areas on the only ground out there (I am not above finding an area not designated for camping purposes, for I think these areas may yield the most success).

Participants selected must be physically able to do this, and be willing to make this type of commitment. I do not want your money. There is no charge. The type of gear we use is important and I have six months to finalize these plans. I will be training in the gym for the next six months doing weights and cardio, getting into shape for these events.

The Okefenokee Swamp Florida/Georgia
I will have a professional guide with us (I hope). If not, we will find swamp ape on our own. There are many details to work out for this 'SEASON OF SWAMP APE.'

If you are interested email me at

November 2011: Okefenokee Swamp
December 2011:  Apalachicola National Forest
January 2012:      Osceola National Forest
February 2012:   Ocala National Forest
March 2012:       Green Swamp

These five day/four night expeditions are into deep areas overnight. We should come away with some compelling evidence on the skunk ape that has not been seen before.


  1. Tim, Can I sign up for just one of the expeditions? I'm interested in the Green Swamp trip. Wes

  2. I would like to get more info about these trips. I work so I would need dates so I could make plans & get off work. The trips sound like they would be interesting.


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