Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Rabbit That Ran Ahead Of Time And The Orang Pendek

On the National Geographic Show Beast Hunter with Pat Spain and wildlife photographer Jeramey Holden were searching for the diminutive sasquatch called Orang Pendek which has been declared a new primate species by Cryptomundo blog of Loren Coleman.

Pat Spain and Jeramey Holden explored this subject on the first Beast Hunter episode and Stevens said it was the greatest failure of his life. He deployed over ten years multiple camera traps with over 100,000 hours of exposure and never got an image of the Orang Pendek. However, he did get an image of the Sumatra Rabbit that was supposed to have gone extinct in 1916. He photographed it in 1999. Below is the actual trail cam image.

Sumatra Rabbit thought extinct in 1916 photographed with a trail cam 1999 by Jeremy Holden.

This is truly a great crytozoology discovery and should be given more coverage. Holden has set traps for over a decade to find the Orang Pendek but never found it. He has found at least two species that were unclassified with this camera traps. He believes that a Bigfoot or Sasquatch would not follow game trails. That is the mistake that many researchers have made by putting their traps by trails. He suggest that you put them int he unexplored areas if you want to find something. This theory has worked for him. You must be patient for it took over a decade to find two animals. This supports the theory that many unclassified animals are on the lose and it is just a matter of researchers going deep into area to find them. Steven's also photographed a Sumatra Rhino which is very rare, and has not been seen in decades.

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