Friday, April 1, 2011

Examining The Fossil Find In Bone Valley Florida

I went to the area near Bone Valley to look for all things Cryptozoic. The Beast Hunter Pat Spain has inspired me to look for more in Florida then just the skunk ape. The reason is there is just so much more in Florida. They have found giant sturgeon, fish that walk on legs, giant crocodiles, lake monsters, sea serpents, and many things that just belong in this State.
Examining A Fossil Find
This was not a rock. It was once part of a very living organism from eons ago. You can see that it has a hollow chamber that once housed something. This area could be a gold mine. 

I went further into the swamp area behind me and discovered a fast moving body of water that was dry only a few days ago. The hawk seemed upset, I guess because all his mice were hard to find.
The Water World Behind Me

The water was only getting deeper

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