Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bigfoot/Skunk Ape Footprint Found In Central Florida

A recent report to the BFRO from a hunter in Florida told of finding a large footprint (again, hunters and good ole' boys are the ones finding these things). He was in the Flying Eagle WMA in Citrus county above Tampa. He was in a very thick jungle, swamp area with many cypress knees sticking out of the ground which makes moving around very slow. When he found the footprint, he did take two good cell phone images of it. The print is very similar to the ones I have been finding for the last two years in Central Florida.
Looks like a right foot
BFRO investigator Cathy Betz did a follow up interview and found the account to be credible. The print may have been fresh from the amount of excited wildlife activity that to this reporter seemed strange. This man had spent most of his life in the Florida woods, and had never encountered anything like this.

The swamp area he and his friend were in

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  1. I think I see the skunk ape, middle right of the photogrph :-)


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