Friday, April 29, 2011

A "Season Of Swamp Ape" Expeditions Announced

I am wanting to put together a team of Bigfoot explorers. I hope to put a team of 6-8 researchers for these trips. The team will explore with me five of the deepest swamps and forest of Florida and south Georgia. This expedition will be the real deal, and go further then any explorers have ever gone.

The first expedition will be going into the Okefenokee Swamp on the border of Florida and Georgia. This is a 600 mile wilderness preserve accessible only by canoe. The area is wild with many perils. The team will go two nights out and one night back, and sleep in primitive camp areas on the only ground out there (I am not above finding an area not designated for camping purposes, for I think these areas may yield the most success).

Participants selected must be physically able to do this, and be willing to make this type of commitment. I do not want your money. There is no charge. The type of gear we use is important and I have six months to finalize these plans. I will be training in the gym for the next six months doing weights and cardio, getting into shape for these events.

The Okefenokee Swamp Florida/Georgia
I will have a professional guide with us (I hope). If not, we will find swamp ape on our own. There are many details to work out for this 'SEASON OF SWAMP APE.'

If you are interested email me at

November 2011: Okefenokee Swamp
December 2011:  Apalachicola National Forest
January 2012:      Osceola National Forest
February 2012:   Ocala National Forest
March 2012:       Green Swamp

These five day/four night expeditions are into deep areas overnight. We should come away with some compelling evidence on the skunk ape that has not been seen before.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Rabbit That Ran Ahead Of Time And The Orang Pendek

On the National Geographic Show Beast Hunter with Pat Spain and wildlife photographer Jeramey Holden were searching for the diminutive sasquatch called Orang Pendek which has been declared a new primate species by Cryptomundo blog of Loren Coleman.

Pat Spain and Jeramey Holden explored this subject on the first Beast Hunter episode and Stevens said it was the greatest failure of his life. He deployed over ten years multiple camera traps with over 100,000 hours of exposure and never got an image of the Orang Pendek. However, he did get an image of the Sumatra Rabbit that was supposed to have gone extinct in 1916. He photographed it in 1999. Below is the actual trail cam image.

Sumatra Rabbit thought extinct in 1916 photographed with a trail cam 1999 by Jeremy Holden.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Their Footprints Are Giving Them Away

Casted and pulled from the swamp at night
It is believed that Bigfoot or the Florida Skunk Ape is migratory based on weather just like many other animals. When it gets hot in the south, they are on the move. The bugs are bad and the conditions are just not good.

However, when they get old and lets face it, they don't have the energy to keep moving. They get comfortable with an area. There is food and water and shelter. They are just like us - they don't feel good and they just want to stay put. What they don't realize is their footprints are giving them away.

One of the best things a researcher can do is to look for footprints. In the two years I have been in the swamp, it is the areas that I have been finding footprints in that yield other types of evidence, such as, vocals and possible sightings. I have been charged from the brush but it is only in areas that I have found prints. In the areas where there are none, I get no activity. So I tend to focus my research activities in the footprint areas.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tom Biscardi Called Me Tonight

Tom Biscardi called me just as I walked in the door tonight. He was alarmed because he called me the other day and my cell phone had been cut off. I use MetroPCS and just had not gone down to pay the bill (you can only pay at one of their offices). He wanted to know if I was alright and if he could do anything to help. I told him a healthy economy would be good.

Thats the kind of guy Tom is. He cares about his friends and really wants them to succeed. I told him trolls were causing problems for me. Tom believes there are men that go do things and press real flesh and live in the real world.. Then, there are people who's only world is on the internet because you can have risk free relationships where you can put in no effort and just spew your frustrations and insult people because of their poor self-esteem.

It was good to talk to a friend tonight.

I was in the field last Sunday, and hope to go back out soon. Videos and pictures with an outing report are soon coming.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nolan Canova Of Weighs In On The Patterson Film

Nolan Canova  of Crazed Fan Boy was interviewed by Tim Fasano for this series of videos because Canova is an expert on paranormal and cryptozoology  research from Tampa Florida. He has an interesting opinion on the Roger Patterson film, and believes it is a probable hoax. He has studied these matters for decades. He is also a very good friend of mine.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

They Hate My Guts

They hate my guts because they can't be me. They can't summon the personal courage to go out in field or face me at the pub (the one in St. Pete). I can do what they can't do. In the world that I operate in, I rule. They don't even follow. They mire in their own excrement. They drink my urine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bigfoot/Skunk Ape Footprint Found In Central Florida

A recent report to the BFRO from a hunter in Florida told of finding a large footprint (again, hunters and good ole' boys are the ones finding these things). He was in the Flying Eagle WMA in Citrus county above Tampa. He was in a very thick jungle, swamp area with many cypress knees sticking out of the ground which makes moving around very slow. When he found the footprint, he did take two good cell phone images of it. The print is very similar to the ones I have been finding for the last two years in Central Florida.
Looks like a right foot
BFRO investigator Cathy Betz did a follow up interview and found the account to be credible. The print may have been fresh from the amount of excited wildlife activity that to this reporter seemed strange. This man had spent most of his life in the Florida woods, and had never encountered anything like this.

The swamp area he and his friend were in

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Florida's Famous Skunk Ape Sighting 1971

A team of scientist in 1971 were excavating an ancient Indian village in the Great Cypress Preserve in the Everglades National Park. The team was lead by Buz Osbon and they had made camp where they kept a fire burning at night for security. He said around three o'clock in the morning strange howls were heard coming from the surrounding jungle. His team was awakened and startled to see the outline of something standing on the edge of their camp that was not supposed to exist.

The animal was upright at about seven feet in height with thick matted hair. It came into the camp and was swinging its long arms around like it was looking for something. Osbon knew it was not a bear. They scared it and it ran off into the thicket.

In the morning, the archaeologist found 17.5 inch footprints in the fresh dirt they had unearthed in the Indian mound  they were digging in.

They went back out to the mound one week later but this time they were determined to find the beast and more evidence.
"This time, however, the group was equipped for a visit from the yeti. “The first thing we did after setting up camp was to lay an electric wire around the camp’s entire perimeter,” Buz said. “This in turn was connected to an ultra sensitive electronic device which would immediately sound an alarm if anything crossed the wire. Needless to say, we had plenty of camera equipment with flash attachments and portable lighting. “About midnight we heard something with heavy, sluggish steps sloshing through the water in the nearby swamp and our instruments started beeping. Knowing that “something” had crossed the wire and was on the edge of our camp, we excitedly searched the area with heavy floodlights, but we saw nothing"....Bigfoot Encounters
 You may wonder why it was just this scientific team that claims to have had an encounter with the Florida Yeti. That is not the case. There have been reports going back centuries that are very similar. I would have to conclude based on the fact the entire team were scientist, that they must have had a real class A encounter in the Florida Great Cypress Preserve.

I am doing research on this sighting which seems to be part of the 1971 outburst of Bigfoot sightings Nationwide. Perhaps these animals 'surge' every few years or decades. There does not seem to be much information on this sighting. Most of the info is coming from Bigfoot blogs. I will dig deeper and follow up on this. I hope it is not just folklore.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Timber Giant Bigfoot Ontario Has Been Ill In The Hospital

This may explain the youtube poster timbergianbigfoot not posting for the last three weeks. His work rocks and we all want to see more. Hang in their Jim.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Radiation In This Florida River Detected By Progress Energy

Water In Florida IS now contaminated with radiation
Radiation has been detected in Florida. The Progress Energy Power Plant in Crystal River has made the discovery of Iodine - 131. The absence of other components makes them believe this radiation is from the broken nuclear energy plant in Japan. I have a video which will be posted Monday that will explain much more about this. Much more then the St. Pete Skeptics Society could ever hope to explain, or would be capable of.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Florida Rivers Are Overflowing From Storm Rains

A new water world has been created in areas that were dry and several feet above the River level. Now with all the rain in the last few days, these areas even have a current of water headed somewhere. I am hoping because of the tornado's that were associated with these storms, that animals and monsters have been shaken away from their hiding areas.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Examining The Fossil Find In Bone Valley Florida

I went to the area near Bone Valley to look for all things Cryptozoic. The Beast Hunter Pat Spain has inspired me to look for more in Florida then just the skunk ape. The reason is there is just so much more in Florida. They have found giant sturgeon, fish that walk on legs, giant crocodiles, lake monsters, sea serpents, and many things that just belong in this State.
Examining A Fossil Find
This was not a rock. It was once part of a very living organism from eons ago. You can see that it has a hollow chamber that once housed something. This area could be a gold mine. 

I went further into the swamp area behind me and discovered a fast moving body of water that was dry only a few days ago. The hawk seemed upset, I guess because all his mice were hard to find.
The Water World Behind Me

The water was only getting deeper

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