Monday, March 28, 2011

Is This A Chupacabra Body?

Few people find bodies in the woods. This fact is often used to explain why there have not been remains found of cryptozoology beast. Monsterquest did a feature that showed in only seven days the remains of an animal would be consumed and scattered by other animals and insects in the wilds of Florida. It happened at a rate that even a biologist was amazed at. They used a deer for their experiment.

I found this carcass when I was in a wild life area in the county north of Tampa. The local Hispanic people talk about the chupacabra and that may be the reason their chickens are vanishing. Chickens are not an uncommon sight as you drive around some of the older neighborhoods in Tampa.

Considering that not a lot of bodies of anything have been found by crypto hunters for Bigfoot, I would ad this to the very small collection that exist. It was at least six feet in length and in an advanced state of decay. I have shown this still to many people and nobody yet can say exactly what it is.

I make no claim that it is the Chupacabra, but no body of anything has been found yet. So at least I get out there to find these things.

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