Thursday, March 31, 2011 Thinks I stole his name

You did not secure the URL Asshole. The next time you want a blog, purchase a URL. I purchased it for ten years off of GoDaddy. It was for sale. In life that is called tough shit.

"Well I guess if you can't beat them.........spend your hard earned taxi drivers dollar to steal someones domain name!!!

It would seem that in his jealousy of real truthful researching, he has spent his meager earnings hauling hookers and crack heads around Tampa to purchase our cryptoflorida name and start a website of own using our name.

This is what Tampa Tim Fasano, the mental midget hoaxing, spoofing researcher wanna be that has become the laughing stock of all of Florida, with the exception of one person and maybe himself, has done to himself.

When will he ever learn that pictures and videos of old boats, wild hogs and his own self made castings of his own footprints does not a researcher make. On one of his outings, he even posted his "supplies" for a research outing into the Green Swamp which consisted of a bag of store bought firewood and a case of beer. The essentials!!

He has been busted by other legitimate researchers making false claims and spoofing some of his way too many You Tube video that seem to only capture his pudgy face and constant out of shape wheezing and hacking.

Stay tuned....I'm sure this is only going to get better.

Remember.......if you are a researcher seeking out the big hairy guy in the state of Florida, and you come across the taxi cab parked any where near where you will the other way as fast as you can!!"

This guys name is Scoot Hamilton of the St Pete Skeptics Society. He is an internet troll. Anyone serious about Bigfoot research should delete him as a Facebook friend. He is nobody.

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