Friday, March 4, 2011

Beast Hunter: New Bigfoot Skunk Ape Hunter On National Geographic TV

Pat Spain The 'Beast Hunter'
Pat Spain is a biologist and wildlife beast hunter. He is traveling the globe in search of unclassified species unknown to man. He searches for the 'man ape' of Sumatra: a one-eyed, clawed, smelly monster in Brazil; a swamp monster in the Congo (he should join me in Florida), and a sea serpent in British Columbia (we have lake monsters in Florida).

In tonight's premier episode Spain is looking for the Sumatra monster called the "Orang Pendek" an upright walking ape creature similar to the Florida Skunk ape. In the first three episodes that are available for public view, Pat finds nothing but says he is optimistic about future success.

Spain laments about the lack of a body for real evidence. He believes that could happen.  He should go with me in Florida; things happen when I go out and I may have a body of a chupacabra. Something they should consider. Watch the show is compelling and very entertaining.

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