Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bart Cutino And His Incredible Italian Pasta Sauce

I thought I could make a great pasta sauce. I came from an Italian family and paid attention to how a good sauce is made. I use wine and fresh vegies and spices. My recipe has done me good for many years. I now have to take a back seat to Bigfoot Investigator Bart Cutino with this off the chart sauce. I am starving and this seems beyond good. I am saving this recipe for next Sunday...Yum!
"That's what I'm talking about...7 hr sauce (everything slow-cooked to max flavor) with meat, ground beef, garlic, hawaiian onions, san marzano whole-peeled tomatoes, amore & hunts paste, carrot juice, pureed sundried tom, fresh basil, organic brown sugar, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, dash of cayenne & Spanish olive oil."...Bart Cutino Posted On Facebook 


  1. Timothy,you got guys on Facebook "bad-mouthin'" ya'..better go check it out! I think you are sincere and truly wish to research and investigate! No one has the right to run down someone else who wants to contribute!

  2. That's what I call good cookin'


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