Friday, March 25, 2011

Are There Lake Monsters In Florida?

I recently went to Lake Tarpon, one of the largest lakes in Florida, to check out a folklore about a large monster that lives in the lake and has eaten fisherman by pulling them into the water. Is this the Florida version of Loch Ness? I went with an open mind.

I did see some movement over the water as if something was underneath. I took a good video and got some good capture stills. This project will require more work but I am hopeful that something may indeed be in this lake.

It could be an alligator but it is undulating which makes it seem to be swimming. There are over 1,000 lakes and Florida and many of them are connected by underwater caves. This lake is close to the Gulf Of Mexico and after the last ice age something may have been trapped in this body of water.

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  1. So much discussion goes on about monsters in lakes. Hopefully one day we will get some definitive evidence.


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