Friday, March 11, 2011

Are Giant Ground Sloths Being Mistaken For Bigfoot?

Polk County Florida Giant Ground Sloth
When I went to Bone Valley Florida last summer I speculated on the existence of Ice Age animals that could still be alive today because they were trapped on a five county Island for thousands of years and isolated from the rest of the world.

The Giant Ground Sloth is thought to be extinct only 10,000 years. That in geological terms was last night. The show Beast Hunter with Pat Spain speculated on the same thing.

Dr. David Orin believes that a beast seen and heard near the Amazon River called the Mapinquari may be a giant ground sloth thought to be extinct. Since this thing lives deep in the jungle were nobody goes...I mean nobody. It could be there.  The howl it makes and the tracks are consistent with this beast that walked upright.

The image at the bottom is Dr. Pat Spain at the Metropolitan Museum In New York looking at the skeletons of Giant Ground Sloths. The image at the top is a Giant sloth found in Polk County Florida right next to Tampa. This thing walked upright and may indeed have been mistaken for a Bigfoot. The howls are very similar.
Pat Spain looking at a giant ground sloth skeleton 

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