Friday, February 25, 2011

How Tall Is A Skunk Ape?

We believe the Florida Skunk Ape to be about six to seven feet in height. He may weigh about 300-350 lbs. He is smaller then his Pacific North West Sasquatch cousins because Florida is flat and they do not need great strength to move around. Plus, they have more hair to ward off biting insects which are bad around the Gulf Coast. I believe they live in groups and may migrate, except the older ones that stay behind and gives us details with their footprints. These are they ones that we may one day discover and find shortly after a natural death and then science can examine.

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  1. I was recently watching a documentary on bigfoot on the History channel and they stated that skunk ape was no more than a few escaped Chimpanzees mixed with post PGF hysteria when clearly the Myakka photos show an ape other than a Chimp. P.S could you elaborate on where they might migrate to from Florida.


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