Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Bigfoot Outing

The search area selected was near a wild river and swamp land. The State of Florida owns the land and you must have a permit to camp in the primitive camp area. My tent was a close to the tree line as I could get it. I snore heavy and wanted to see what came over to investigate. There were a few other campers who brought their horses with them. I have never seen a horse roll over on its back and play like a cat. The one in the photo did.
My tent was along a road and tree line that covered the swamp
On of the things that I have always liked about campers is they are always friendly and co-operative. The people that were out here offered me firewood and advice. I even had the chance to 'horse sit' while Mike and his wife went up to the supermarket. I have not spent much time around horses but they seemed rather domesticated.
This is the horse that was rolling around on the ground.
I don't have much experience at this, so I thought that maybe getting the fire going so that when I came back from the night expedition there would be light and heat and I could throw more wood on it. I was hoping to load many videos and post them on YouTube while I was doing this but the mechanics of setting up camp, charging gear, and so forth, was more then I thought it would be. It was fun but there is a lot of work in camping. I was glad to just sit around the fire and relax. I had some good wood this year. The Pioneer fire wood that is commercially sold in supermarkets is great. It is seasoned and ready to burn and put off a nice glow.
Some really good wood
I needed that fire because when the sun went down it got cold. You can seem my breath in this image below. I am sure that with the fog that was rolling in and being down by the river had much to do with the temperature change. My 1,000,000 candle power light gave out and I had to return to camp. I did not get a sighting but much was heard and recored on the many videos taken.
Getting cold for central Florida

After I returned to camp, I sat around and meditated on what I had found and how I would approach future expeditions. I am still learning the logistics of this and the future is looking bright.
A really nice campfire with good wood

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