Friday, December 3, 2010

Fasano Expedition Live On The Tom Biscardi Radio Show

My expedition to a rich Bigfoot activity area in central Florida will be broadcast live on the Tom Biscardi blogtalk radio show. How did this come to be? Tom emailed me for my phone number, he said he liked my style.

He called me Wednesday and invited me on his show. I take up offers for radio shows, so this is not something new to me. It so happens his show is live when I will be on a night operations so I will call in from the field and give a report.

Tom told me he would send me two movies he produced about Bigfoot. They showed up two days later by priority mail. He kept his word, and followed through on that. He earned my respect.

We talked at length about migratory habits and his vegetation water theory. That  is why so many are being seen on the East coast now. They never could consider that their footprints are giving them away. Tom gave me six specific things to look for when I am on the expedition next week. I bet I find at least half of what he is looking for.

I thought he was cool as shit and it seemed like I had known him for years. He is Italian from New York like my parents. He even knew where the street in Brooklyn was at that my mother was raised on. His producer called me today and will call back over the weekend with specifics about the show and live broadcast. These guys are very organized and I am looking forward to working with them. I do not believe the lies that the con men like Moneymaker have to say about him. He has hundreds of people all over the country that have come to  know him and love him. This man is really misunderstood. Gee...I can relate to that!


  1. Good for you Tim!!! I've been quietly watching the Bigfoot "scene" on the internet for about a year now, and started by listening to Tom's show and reading his associate's book. Then I start on youtube and find you and others plus MUCH negative criticizm of Tom Bizcardi and his work. It seemed unfounded and unfair, mostly gossip and backbiting with little real foundation.

    I'm REALLY glad to see a "class act" like yourself hook up with veteran "class act" like Tom. I'll be eagerly listening to your appearance and await your usual fantastic video follow-ups. Thanks for having the "class" to judge a man on his actions and not prejudge him based upon his "reputation"!

  2. Rebecca said......I have known Tom Biscardi personally for going on three years now, and i find myself in dismay presently, that the bigfoot community has not given credit, where credit is due! Tom Biscardi is a phenomenal researcher; working tirelessly, in the field,exhausting every resource that is available to him, in order to present the truth to anyone who will listen to him. I have listened to almost every live show he airs on wednesday evenings, and have heard dozens upon dozens of people from every walk of life, including many very credible and respeted individuals of high profile professions! When i decided to report my own personal experiences with this elusive creature; It was Tom himself who called me to discuss my incidences. He treated me with dignity and respect, as he does every person who contacts him. He has a phenomenal fan base,who patiently wait on him with great faith, knowing he and his very competent team, are with no doubt, getting closer by the month, to revealing the truth. Tom Biscardi, in my opinion, is solely responsible through his life long dedication, exhausting field work and sacrifice of eveything we hold dear, to ushering the truth about a once, little known about creature in the crtyptid world. It is because of him and all the knowledge, that he has so unselfishly imparted, that other organizations are forming to follow his foot steps, to solve one of the world's most intriguing mysteries! I for one, am tired of naysayers and the backstabbers! This is a very respectable man and a great,admirable researcher and the cryptid world would have never made it this far, if it had not been for the life long work that he has done!

  3. Hey Tim,
    You are exactly right, Tom Biscardi is the real deal! I have personally known him for over 2 years, he is respectable and knowledgeable, he is no phony, he always follows through with what he says he will do. He throws himself fully into every project and exhibition he is involved in. He cares deeply for people and is the most honest and trustworthy man I know.

  4. Wow great post and blog Tim. You are right about Tom, he is the Real Deal - You seem the same.

    Don't let the nay sayers get to you, they are just bottom feeders and site by their computers and type.

    They don't get out in the field like real researchers. You seem to be really getting out there - that is what counts. You can't find this creature sitting by your PC.

    I Can't wait to hear you on the show and see you out in the field with the SFBI team.

    Now you will be cooking with gas.

    Best wishes, keep up the great work.


  5. Hey Tim, So glad to here you got up with Tom. Ive always been interested in bigfoot,and 4 years ago someone contacted me because their cows were being killed, necks broke,and liver and heart missing. I didnt know what to do so I got on line and found Tom,and BAM, him and his crew was here the next week. I was stunned. While they never got hard core proof, they did see,and here an unknown creature. Not long after Mr Biscardi contacted myself, and Greg worthington to meet him in Paris TX. I told Tom I didnt have the money to go, and once again I was shocked when he sent us the money to get us there,bought our food,and put us up in a nice hotel. Now tell me Tim what other bigfoot hunter would do that???. Thanks to Tom I found,and cast a 16 inch print that I still treasure to this day. Recently two ladies saw this creature bending over in the middle of the road holding a dead cat, not far from my house and like me they didnt know who to turn to so they contacted Tom via the net. Tom contacted me to investagate. I reported back to Tom and they were here in 4 days. What im trying to say is that Tom and his crew has ALWAYS been kind,and professional towards me and my family,and is johnny on the spot unlike other bigfoot hunter wannabees. you sound like a sincere person in your effort to find this creature,and in my opinion this field could use more people like you. god bless. Chuck Creel in enterprise al.

  6. Tom is a great guy, I've known him for two years now. When we're out in the field we do real research - we don't sit on our butts and type on the internet - In fact we sometimes have to make time just to update our friends and followers.

    Sounds like you are doing some real research too.

    Can't wait to meet up with you in FLA, don't give up the chase - See you on the show!

    Best Wishes,
    Rob Price

  7. i have known tom biscardi for a little over four years. and im proud to be a part of his bigfoot family, and am very glade to see this person who has ben in touch with tom about the florida bigfoot.
    tom is one of the most respectful and opend hearted people on this planet that i know of.
    and has the passion to do what others fail to do.
    and that is to put his passion and live work in looking in nto the mysteries and to prove once and for all that bigfoot exist's
    as all of us who have seen these creature know they exist.
    tom may be a miss understood man, but ill tell you, he's know one's fool.
    this man does what no other does, or fails to do. and that is live life not only on the edge but life the way its ment to live.

  8. Anyone who has the chance to meet or work with Tom knows what a passionate guy he his, he is passionate about his work and his people.
    I've had the pleasure of working with Tom for several years. After one expedition with him I was blown away at the professionalism in the field, no slackers here that's for sure.
    Tom is one of a kind, I owe him a lot for the things he has taught me, keep your eye on this guy, if anyone gets to the bottom of this age old mystery, it'll be him for sure!
    You can't help but get excited when working with Tom, his enthusiasm is certainly contagious. I look forward to the next adventure!

  9. Dick Fletcher, Santa Rosa, CaliforniaDecember 6, 2010 at 2:35 PM

    Tim, Welcome to the world of Bigfoot. I have known Tom Biscardi for 27 years; and worked, associated and partnered successfully with him in many business endeavors over these past years.
    The Bigfoot search and exploration, however has been the most exciting, if not in some cases, frustrating, disappointing and mysterious. But in the overall experience of my past 6 years with the "Bigfoot Hunt" has been the most exhilerating and rewarding venture.
    I must mention Tom Biscardi has many good personal assets that allow him to excell at anything he attempts. Besides being intelligent and very knowledgeable about many subjects, he has the one asset that all successful men possess, "PERSERVERANCE". He's like a "PIT-BULL", gets his teeth into whatever he wishes to attain, and never lets go.
    Tim, Welcome again to the "Tom Biscardi Bigfoot Bandwagon", YOU WILL SUCCEED!
    Dick Fletcher

  10. Tim I don't have anything really bad to say about Mr. Biscardi, I have been following his research for a long time, but I lost a lot of respect for him, as I am sure other people have also, from his involvement with the Georgia Bigfoot body hoax. I am a true believer in, I believe what I see, I have seen Bigfoot. It was a long time ago and I was much younger, but a thing like that sticks with you for a long time. I have spent a lot of my time doing research myself to learn more about what I saw. I respect the people that make an honest effort to find the truth and protect these creatures. When Tom got involved with those guys and went on to National TV he made a fool out of me and you and everyone else that believes in their existence. People will not forget that as easily as he would like. He let them discredit his many years of research and all of us that have seen it.

  11. Tom Biscardi has been involved in several Bigfoot Hoaxes but the one that really turned me away from Biscardi was the Georgia dead Bigfoot in the freezer hoax. No credibilty with him.


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