Friday, November 19, 2010

Would You KIll A Bigfoot?

The hunter I had hooked up with was looking for deer. The area I had been in was ripe with Coyote yells. The hunter brought his hunting dogs and let them loose. Something was going wrong. No deer was flushed out, and it seemed that they were in a struggle with something big. This video has dog barks, 'yote howls and a monster growl.  It is my opinion that because we were so close to a recent sighting area that the dogs had found what the coyotes had found, a very large beast. We did not see the dogs after they were off deep into the underbrush. I would say at this point someone will have to kill a Bigfoot for the biological evidence. Sorry that it has to come to this.


  1. Tim, Suggest you don't go there. You are doing great.
    dont go pro-kill

  2. Tim if this one associates you and the dogs being together, you will not be safe alone again. And you are endangering other's as well.

  3. Here is the rule in Florida: "It is unlawful to hunt deer or to accompany another person hunting deer on public lands unless each person is wearing a minimum of 500 square inches of daylight-fluorescent orange material as an outer garment … above the waistline." ... just so you know.

    This is Larry by the way (also made the YouTube comment). Sasquatch is related to us. If you kill Sasquatch you will knowingly be killing man - plain & simple. I know you don't like people telling you how you should do things & neither do I. However - I have no tolerance for pro-kill researchers & also suggest other researchers/organizations stay clear of those who practice these methods.

    You better do some soul-searching Tim & stop the insaneness of using hunting dogs & guns to do your so-said "research". You are not doing research in this video whatsoever... you are just being vicious.

  4. Here's a great quote from a BFRO report from three very "ethical" hunters -

    "As all three of us were experienced hunters, we knew that we could not shoot what ever it was in any case, as it was too close in resemblance to a human and we did not kill anything unless it was for food." - from

    Tim - you need to publically state that you made a major mistake going over to the dark side by becoming pro-kill & using a friend with a gun & hunting dogs for your so-called "research". The longer you delay the worse the problem will get. I'll stay vocal on your ass. That's a promise! I will do this because I have a moral obligation to not look away.... hope you understand that. If you actually did succeed in killing Sasquatch - you will not be a hero... you will be a pariah. That's the truth & you know it. You're a smart guy and can reach that conclusion easy enough.

    You have such a passion for research & did a tremendous job before this major blunder (Yeah - that's a compliment!). Go back a dash in time. A lot of the answers to the who, what & how questions of the Sasquatch species is just around the corner.


  5. Nongame Wildlife Regulations - General Prohibitions - No wildlife or their nests, eggs, young, homes or dens shall be taken, transported, stored, served, bought, sold or possessed in any manner at any time, except as specifically permitted by State of Florida rules. No one shall take, poison, store, buy, sell, possess or wantonly or willfully waste wildlife, unless specifically permitted or authorized to do so.

    As I said, Sasquatch is a relative of man but if you insist to hunt them like ordinary wildlife... you are breaking the law as they are a protected species even though they are not a recognized mammal species.

    When you say " I would say at this point someone will have to kill a Bigfoot for the biological evidence. Sorry that it has to come to this." - does this mean you are willing to kill Sasquatch or just have a deer-hunting friend (wink-wink) with a gun along who may do the evil deed? I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know the answer to the question.


  6. Tim, although shooting may not seem ethical, it has come to the point that in order for the rest of the species to be actually protected by law, a body must be turned in for proof that Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Skunk Ape exists. I agree with what you are doing. I'm sick of people being so closed-minded about all of this. There are at least over 2000 living in the U.S. alone, I say that even though i believe there are many many more, but those are sightings that have been given by people with a witness and seem to be honest people. If you shoot one, you could save thousands..

    From North Dakota,


    PLEASE READ..............

    Indians seem to almost all believe Bigfoot is a Non-Physical creature. Some indian tribes mention that they have seen the creature transform into a wolf. Others think that the creatures lives in another dimension from the physical plane, but can come here as it wishes. Indians also belive Bigfoot has great psychic abilities, reports of sightings show the creature can be visible to some people, while at the same time remain invisible to others in the same group.

    There are many reports from non-indians who saw the creature after a UFO sighting. And others that have searched for, and researched bigfoot for years are coming to the conclusion that the creature is a spirtual being, because he can appear or dissapear at will.

    Great Lakes Indians mention that if one is walking in the woods and you hear the sound of a stick being hit against a hollow log or tree, beware, for this area is Sasquatch territory. This seems to be a interesting thing to note, because other non-indians have even reported this. People have reported that sometimes the stick hitting is loud or thud like, like a large log is being hit against a tree, or othertimes it is more like a small stick is being hit against a tree. Some Bigfoot researchers have reported sightings and/or hearing bigfoot sounds, after they entered known bigfoot areas and started hitting a stick against a tree, then they would pause, and often they would hear something almost answering back, by stick hitting.

    Besides, the stick hitting, the other well documented fact many bigfoot encounters is rock throwing. Researchers have had stones thown at them, and at their vehicles. Numerous reports have been made of people living in bigfoot hot spots, of having stones thrown on their roofs and against their homes and cabins.

    Webmasters Comments About This Case:
    The creatures episodes of hitting sticks and rock throwing may be the best connection here to the spirtual. If you research paranormal cases involving 'poltergeist' incidents. You will soon realize that many of the cases involve the throwing or dropping of stones against houses, and on the roofs of the homes where the poltergeist attacks are occurring. In many of the poltergeist cases, the stones being dropped and thrown were the beginning of the infestation, or encounter, just like in the bigfoot encounters.

    When it comes to the sticks being hit against logs or trees we have two connections to the spirtual. When I was very young, I remember reading an advertisement in the back of a magazine. The ad was titled something like this:
    'Talk to the Spirits with amazing JuJu Sticks'.

    The JuJu sticks were, cut from some sacred wood and were blessed by a voodoo practitioner. The sticks were rapped or hit against a table or other wood source, and one could supposedly here rappings or other communication back, from the spirit world.

    After the Indians (Native Americans) started to first encounter Bigfoot, they believed or knew it was a spirtual or interdimensional being.



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