Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Skunk Ape Found In Florida

Greg and his new friend
I received a message from a man named Greg May who said while he was hunting with his cousin troy, they found a baby 'skunk ape.'  They were in the palmetto scrub and hammocks near his camp at Bull Creek. They had been out there all night and had found nothing.  The next day in the hot Florida sun, a child ape ran out of the bushes and jumped into Greg May's arms.  He took him home and adopted him. 

I would really like to believe him.  He seems like a nice guy. It is possible that this is the offspring of a released exotic.  I have no idea. The animal should be examined by a vet to make sure it is not an unknown species. 

The account of the monkey find is at The Adopted Legend.  It sure does look like a chimp.  It could be something someone let go. But since nobody has ever captured the Florida Skunk ape, we really don't know what this animal is.  It is also possible that Greg is playing a practical joke with me. That is ok.  I can go along with it for now.  I do thank him for sharing this with me. Its not like much else is going on.


  1. Dear Tim:

    Your readers might want to check out the book, "The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings" by the late John A. Keel. In it John relates a number of "bigfoot" sightings from near and around Tampa and Brooksville in the 60's.

  2. I have known Tom Biscardi for several years and have found him not only to be a good friend, but honest and trustworthy. If he makes a promise, you can bet it will be kept as promised. I'm happy that you and others are beginning to realize that what has been negatively said about Tom is BOGUS, fueled by jealousy.! He is always up front - you always know where you stand. I look forward to hearing you on Tom's show.


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