Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Three Clips of Sasquatch" Myakka City Florida, Palmetto Grove [HD] by unknown videographer

"Three clips of Sasquatch" Myakka City Florida, Palmetto Grove on 05/02/08 Demonstrates, Slow walk with palms held backward, 60% arms, stealth walk with toes pointed down ward, white palms, finger function, cupped hands, hair ridge down back, Hair goes from Black to brown in sun, BF rises w/o arms as Albert Ostman described.

Bigfoot sneaks a peek at the camera in the video "three clips" Very large Sasquatch shows palms, rising without using hands, tip toe, slow walk and tree-peek.


  1. Is there any back story to go with this footage at all? Surely someone has mentioned something, even if it's that they wish not to be credited.

    I can definitely understand just putting the footage out without a story so it can be viewed "as is" and leaves us to our own conclusions.

  2. For me, this video is one of the best evidence of BF. Too bad it looks a little pixilated maybe lost quality to upload to the network?
    My first impression is that the animal is more like a gigantic chimp than a giant gorilla, but has his back up straight and with a torsso huge, like double in size at the gorilla or a human robust with very prominent shoulders.
    I get the impression that seems very high measured between 7 'to 8' feet, and the human when it exceeds the size of the 7 '3 "begins to have problems with the position of the spine, knees, hips and feet. Look at photos of Sultan Kosen, Zhang Jun Cai, R. Wadlow, Zheng Jinlian ... humans have exceeded 8 feet and you will see the serious health problems they face. I do not think a basketball player or football high can walk with a giant ape suit with as much flexibility and ease into the thick forest of Florida. I get the impression that acts as doubtful, first get up walk on its two legs, takes a direction and then suddenly takes another direction, as if something so anxious!


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