Friday, September 10, 2010

Tim Fasano To Be A Guest On A National Radio Show About Bigfoot

I have been invited to be a guest on a national radio show about the topic of Bigfoot on Tuesday 9-14-10. Bob Coyne and Mike Killen of NESRA host a very popular show on Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm on the Bigfoot Quest blogtalk radio show. This link will take you to the website where you can log onto the chat and call in and ask questions. I like these to guys alot. They stay out of the 'bigfoot politics' and go by the theory that all of us are trying to find the right way to find the beast. In short, nobody knows dick. Understand. The widget below plays the last four shows of the Bigfoot Quest program and will take you to their site so you can listen to the show!

Listen to internet radio with Bigfoot_Quest on Blog Talk Radio

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