Looking For Footprints In Richloam Tract Withlacoochee

This pond has been getting much attention
I know that hunters and hikers do use this area, and I always go by the rule that if I can find an area, somebody else can. That being said, this area was very backwoods and remote. I was on the powerline road that divides Sumpter from Lake county and near the area of a class A sighting recently reported on the BFRO website. This clearing led into a pond of water and a forest road. There were prints pointed to and around the pond. The prints look very much like the Skunk Ape prints I found last Winter. Could be people. One looks like it has toes. There were billions of bees swarming for some reason, so I left.


  1. Once again.......nothing to show for it huh Tim? No foot prints, no tracks, no evidence......just your ugly face. Same thing all your videos have in common.


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