Saturday, September 18, 2010

Looking For Bigfoot Near The Florida Everglades

I went on a road trip Tuesday to South Florida. I was in the Great Cypress Preserve National Park. This compound is the largest swamp outside of Indonisia. This area has had many Skunk Ape reports and I really believe this is an area that I need to concentrate on. However, with work and stuff my time is limited.
Using My DSLR In The 'Glades
On one of the videos I posted on my Youtube channel, you can hear what I saw. There was something moving thru the brush, but I aimed my video camera too late. I did go into the area and came out a video that show prints in an area no human is going into. One of the photos is here. The prints were not to fresh because they were already covered with pine needles.
Prints found under the forest litter
The video where I find the major prints is posted below. This is an exclusive. It is not posted on Youtube, nor will it. I have to have something for my readers to enjoy. 


  1. Good video. I've watched most of your videos and would like to see more postings from you. I have had many evidence sightings in South Florida, including footprints, food sources, and what looks to be make shift shelters. If you are interested in any of my findings please post back to this.

  2. If these things are so hairy, why hasn't anyone found evidence on tree stumps or plants? If something that large is running through the everglades, check the tree trunks and surrounding plants. There's got to be some bigfoot hair somewhere....


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