Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bonono Evidence Found

I did not know how I was going to release this report. The only way I know how to do things is to just do it. For the last three weeks, I have been on a 'dig' along the Peace River in Florida. The reason for this location is that the Peace River flows out of 'Bone Valley' where the largest deposit of fossils exist in North America of the last ice age. Strange that it would be in Florida, but considering how far south the ice traveled, you should not be shocked.

My theory was based on Pangaea.  The central part of Florida became an island after the ice melted for about 30,000 years. All land mammals were trapped.  After the water receded, Florida was formed as we know it today. The Peace River runs southwest out of the area known as 'bone valley' which was the island that captured the mammals.

Saber tooth tigers and elephants and ground sloth bones have been found in the Peace River.  Could it contain evidence of the skunk ape or Florida Bigfoot? I started digging in the hopes that I may find something that had been overlooked.  I don't think I was disappointed.

The Three Level Of Primate Teeth
I used a metal bucket to throw into the river and dredge the bottom and then dump it out and sift.  A few decades ago you could wade out because alligators were endangered and there were not many of them.  Today, there are millions of the hungry bastards that will eat you for lunch if you wade out.

I found what I thought was bone, a banana shark tooth, and a primate tooth. I have video of my find which I have not put up on youtube yet. I still don't know when I will do that.  The History Channel episodes of Monsterquest kept emphasising that primates have not been in North America for at least 18 million years. Is that right?  What about all the eyewitness testimony?  What about this evidence?  I have recoded howls and found various footprints of different sizes (not my foot). Yet, posters just want to make fun of me. Keep it up. I now have 'hard' evidence.

Floirda Primate Tooth
The tooth I found was closer to a gorilla that an orangutan or a chimp. Using Google to search images of primate teeth (see images posted here) and comparing them to human teeth, the conclusion was of an unknown primate. The so called Bonono must be real . The pitch of the teeth ridge is very high and not flat like a human or a chimp. Even an orangutan does not have teeth like this.  What did I find?  The image is a little blurry on purpose. I have the original.  I have the evidence.

There is a lot more to come of video and pictures and other stuff. Things are heating up in the Florida Jungle.


  1. A Bonono is a species of Chimpanzee that is well known, and lives in Africa. Nothing to do with Gorillas. By the way, the law on artefacts and fossils says you can pick things up if they are on the surface of the ground because they are no longer in situ and have been disturbed, but dreging or digging at all for them with a bucket or anything is a federal crime.

    As an amateur archaeologist and professional anthropologist PLEASE turn in that tooth to the state. It is clearly a human tooth and may be of enormous significance relating to the history of our state.

    1. As a amateur fossil hunter Im sorry but I beg to differ but you are allowed to "dredge" with a bucket and keep all the teeth you can find (on the peace river) It is required that you get a ($5) permit for fossils other than teeth. One more thing to my knowledge no one has ever been attacked by an alligator while fossil hunting in the peace river


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