Thursday, August 5, 2010

fasanotampa On Youtube Now Over 400 Subscribers

fasanotampa youtube channel 406 and growing
Despite the efforts of BFbigfootresearchSE, Bigfoot Buster, Scott Hamilton (Ben Dover) and others, they can't stop us - the asshats. When the major assault began in April, I had about 280 subscribers to my Youtube site. I now have 406 as of this moment. Sorry folks.  I know you mean well, but your efforts have been in vain. I am growing and will soon be the guest on a national talk radio show and my website bigfootinvestigator is taking off.

I know it sucks to lose. But your efforts have not stopped me or Tim Stover, Firstbillyjack and others. WE ARE WINNING and that is a wonderful feeling

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