Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bob Coyne Radio Show On Bigfoot

Bob Coyne
I may be an upcoming guest on the Bob Coyne Bigfoot Quest Radio show on Blogtalk Radio. I am waiting for a call from Mike, Bob's co-host. I don't often agree to radio interviews (hostile territory) but Bob runs a tight ship and does not get into the 'politics' of the Bigfoot arena. Politics, is perhaps, not accurate to describe the people have no intention of advancing BF research, and only want to insult and be childish. The quality time I have waisted responding to and the emotional wear that it has cost me, has me very close to leaving the public arena. Derick Randles believes I can fulfill a better role by the long term deployment of trail cams. He has even offered to supply them to me to take to the Everglades and Great Cypress Preserve. Nothing is going to be done until November when things cool off.

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