Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scott Hamilton Of The St. Pete Skeptics Society (Correction Below!)

Observe. Analyze. Verify. Be skeptical. You forgot pejorative and harassing. Scott Hamilton of the St. Pete Skeptics Society seems to have it in for me. He prides himself in being an observer in the mold of James Randi or Loren Coleman (whom he is critical of). Beneath the vernier lies something else.

Last October I had an outing in a SWIFMUD area that yielded some of my best results to date. I posted the findings on YouTube and initially on my successful blog Tampa Taxi Shots. The reason I choose Tampa Taxi Shots as my first avenue to show the world my finding was because that blog is linked in the Tampa Tribune, the St. Petersburg Times, Creative Loafing and many other news and blog sites. That is a fact unknown to Mr. Hamilton who seemed taken back by that.

"Yesterday the following video was posted on the Tampa Taxi Shots, by Tim Fasano. No, a Skunk Ape didn’t try to take the taxi, though that would have been cool.

I’m going to let this run without comment for right now, though I’ll be returning to the subject of Tim Fasano soon. For right now I’ll just point out the odd fact that as of this writing Mr. Fasano has posted this video on his personal site, but not on the Florida Bigfoot Hunter blog, which he also runs."

First, Mr Hamilton never contacted me about any of this. He obviously reads and is aware of my blogs. Ever since that posting, I have been getting repeated pejorative comments from someone in St. Petersburg that are attacking me on a personal level. The individual seems to have deep knowledge of crypto matters and writes in a style similar to Scott Hamilton and at a level of the same vitriol.

When I posted the other day on Tampa Taxi Shots, within hours I received a highly critical comment from a poster called 'Ben Dover.' The IP address was St. Pete (like all the others he has left). He claimed that he had investigated that sighting and all he found were remains from a dead river otter. He is obviously someone involved in the Bigfoot world, or the skeptical world. This person is now posting comments on other blogs about me, including tcsjrbigfoots blog.

"We investigating it too Tim....No evidence as usual outside the of the leftovers of a river otter. PLEASE stop filling up the hard drives across the net with these senseless videos that show nothing but you!!!!!".....Comment on Tampa Taxi Shots
looks like my backyard where i grew up! Bigfoot Truth And L

And the woods he is in
ies:" ...I too was sick of all the face time he gave himself.

I don't think it is so much the methods used that are the focus of arbitration as much as the pointless thousands of videos posted by so called researchers, that show absolutely nothing but broken down boats, trees, shrubs, hog prints......etc. These "researchers" flood cyber space and do nothing but waste peoples time. I wish there would be a ruling put that if you are going to post a video, you should have to explain its content. This would keep the monkey suit idiots, the fake sound idiots, and most of all, the ones that are just content getting their own face on the internet instead of any actual or factual findings. As well as the ones charging a dollar or two for a download of a fake video. Sooner or later, people do associate the names with the posting and just stop viewing anything these morons well they should.
Ben D
If Mr. Hamilton was really interested in doing the type of investigations he claims that he is interested in, why did he not contact me, and I would have taken him, or anyone else out to the sighting area. They would have seen first hand how remote this area is and that I do not confine myself to a 1,500 acre nature preserve. He did none of this.


I have been receiving insulting comments on my typepad blog under the name of 'ben dover.' Typepad which is a PAY blog has many security features. One, they show the location and Internet address of the commenter. I have a software loaded on my Florida Bigfoot Hunter blog that performs that function. This morning 'ben dover' was back on my blog and left a comment claiming to be Scott Hamilton. He was on my blog because of an email that he had received. I cannot prove that it actually is Scott Hamilton. All I know is that it is Ben Dover. That is the problem with the Internet....anonymity can protect you.


The only way Scott Hamilton could leave a comment on this blog is to sign in with a Google, Typepad, AIM and so forth account. You cannot do a made up or anonymous comment. You did not cover your tracks very well. Since I now know who you are (in the Internet realm) I will take this info to the St. Pete Police to get you to stop harassing and stalking me.

PS. I love "B" movies, as you do, and the Amazing Randi, as you do. We could have had a common ground going here. I have Google is that Firefox 3.6 you have working out? I might consider it. I guess it works real fast with your Road Runner.

The local media is going to love how objective you have been. Observe. Analyze. Verify. You have done none of this. You are an embarrassment to the St. Pete Skeptics Society. I am sure they will point that out to you at the Skeptics In The Pub coming up.


  1. Tim in the 18 months you have been researching the Florida Skunk Ape have you ever been in the field with another person let alone another researcher? I ask this from the perspective you offering this guy to come in the field with you. I think your the only BF researcher online that I can think of that has never had a witness or partner to validate your work. It's just unusual that's all. Nothing wrong with it, I just was wondering why ?

  2. Paranoid much?

    This is the Scott Hamilton who wrote the aforementioned Veretics article. I've never posted on your blog as "Ben Dover." I simply lost interest in your claims, for reasons that I think are obvious.

    I'll expect the correction immediately. I also expect your "Warning" to me to be removed, lest it be taken as a threat and the police need to be involved.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Tim, you aren't an internet expert. I'm not "Ben Dover," and you will never prove otherwise because it isn't true. (I don't use Firefox, either, just to give an idea of how little you know.)

    I realize you're more than a little paranoid. Please, go to the police. You're the one making threats, so if you don't get in trouble for false accusations, it will leave a nice little paper trail if I ever need to take this to the next level.

    Stay away from me if you don't want to get in trouble.

    Thank you.

  5. You and mr. Dover must use the same computer. Evidence in court where I will see you.

  6. NO...but my software is. You and Ben Dover are the same person or use the same computer. I will let the courts sort that out. All you had to do was call or email me and we could have worked this out. Still waiting.

  7. You're both kidding right? You two aren't actually going to court over name calling, are you? I was led here by a search for information about the Myakka Skunk Ape incident. Instead there's this juvenile episode. From a completely outside perspective with absolutely no attachment to or prejudice against either party, I can tell you right now that one or both of would benefit from a less indulged ego, a little less worry about reputation or turning your whirring little brains off for a few hours every day instead of living in your thought processes every moment of your waking lives.

    Some researchers and skeptics can handle that sort of seems indicated that neither of you two can without degenerating into petulant toddlers.


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