Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MN.B.R.T Video Approved Sunglasses And Life Is Good For Fasanotampa

Abe is proudly wearing his new sunglasses that are made for video feedback. The glasses will show a red or yellow light depending on the status of the camera. They are Dr. Bemberneck approved.

I suspect that this is a ball busting throwback to Bigfoot Buster who impaled Abe for wearing sunglasses in his videos. Abe is doing fine apparently. The Buster has had no effect and Abe is going on with his research. For me, things could never have been finer.

Since April, Subscribers to the fasanotampa YouTube channel have grown by over 100!!! and they are coming in everyday. This blog is getting a record amount of traffic and my new website bigfootinvestigator.com is up and a running an growing like you would not believe with its unique format. I have gotten an invitation to appear as a guest on a national radio show in August, and I am moving on with some great research. I need to take everyone that has helped me out to Pufferbellies for a nice dinner. I love the Shrimp Florentine. This would be so yummy.

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