Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playboy, Bigfoot And The Buster

Long before the economy fell apart like a two dollar watch, I used to make money from shooting assignments for website content providers. Not the raunchy sites that certain anonymous blog posters like, but glamour shots like you see in Playboy magazine.

I would fly to exotic locations and hire the models for the shoots. They would be paid, and I would make money as my image hungry content starved webmasters could not get enough. That was back in the glory days. Since the recession, the demand for paid membership websites has crashed. I did, however, take millions of great images.

I posted many of them on my site, (which I have left dormant for years). Search on Pbase under Fasano and you will find hundreds of jerkable images. This is the site where the bigfoot bitch has found some images of me with no shirt on! OMG! What is a man to do. I do think the beautiful Isobel looks much better than Bigfoot Buster without a shirt on. *wink* *smirk*

If you are going to try to go into someones background, get it right. Especially that my blog is getting Google hits for "skinny ugly girls." Gee, you can't mean Isobel...You must be talking about Bigfoot Buster!

Check out this search hit. I guess there are guys that really like ugly skinny girls.

Funny, none of my content providers did.

You once mentioned "snatch" in one of your post. Hum, is yours as nice as her's. Send me a shot. I don't think anyone will pay to see it. Maybe Squatch Inc. Ya' think!

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