Thursday, July 22, 2010

Late To The Dance Of Social Networking

I blew off the dust of my Facebook Page and to my amazement, many things were going on. I had about 25 friend request from people who have some interest in cryptozoology and Bigfoot. All of these people have an image, a bio, a link to an outside website. In short, they are real people who leave real comments. I like that.

I you look at the profile of the average dick that comments on YouTube...they have NO photo, NO videos loaded, NO link, NO personal info, NO NOTHING. That is on purpose. Their only reason is to leave pejorative comments on others sights. These people have deep psychological issues. I am not their shrink - nor do I want to be.

I thought I was doing real social networking on YouTube. I was, but primitive. I still have a use for YouTube but with Bigfoot Investigator Blog my new website and blog. I seem to be developing into other areas. I can post many videos without any of them seeing YouTube. Plus, you now need to be a friend on Youtube to comment on my vids...all others will be considered.

You can find my Facebook Page by going to my website. The link is front and center.

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