Friday, July 9, 2010

Investigating A Class 'A' Sighting Along The Hillsborough River

You can see from the image below that I was very close to the reported sighting area and was wandering around to try and find something. I concluded that this would be a great area for a long term trailcam project.

I was on an outing today that took out to a remote and wild part of Florida in the Hillsborough River State Park where there is a confirmed class "A" sighting of a skunk ape that is reported on the BFRO website. If you have the excellent Google Earth with the skin provided by the BFRO, you can enter the exact coordinates below and fly into the area and see exactly where I was at. I am not making this stuff up folks. This area, and the river swamp that is west of it, would make a great place for a trailcam to get the photo we have been waiting for.
The video below shows what the area looks like. I have many more to go.

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